Saddam, Justice, the US and Islam

Saddam Hussein to me, before his capture and eventual execution was to me just another person who had a muslim name, and secular thought with a nationalistic flavour, A former US pupppet, dumped when he lost his worth.

But, on his death he created a totally diffrent perception to most youth like me. Any man does commit mistakes, and saddam is an “any man”. The cost of the mistake is something that is subjective, relative and perceptive. Ranasinghe Premadasa is a hero to some and a Villain to some others,for me i am too young to comprehend,i was barely eight when he died. Premadasa in his time crushed a chauvinistic nationalist rebellion with rigid brutality, again i was too young to wonder if what he did was right or wrong, yet one may ask, what if he didn’t do that ? where would those nationalistic elements stand today, and what havoc they will wreak. Can the same be said about Saddam the way he crushed a rebellion in Dujail (148 people), for which he was hung for ? the best people to say that would be the Iraqis themselves. Again i am not justifying what he did, just food for thought.

Saddams era was the time that Iraq had the most development post ottoman empire era, in terms of finance, litearature and science. But Still nowhere near the cradle of Islamic Civilisation that Baghdad once was. Saddam had killed much more people at a go, than this 148 people that he was accused for, then why was he poked only for this issue. The 148 people who were killed were Shia’s, and anyone interested in igniting sectarian Violence would understand that, that is the best place to prick the iraqi diaspora as a whole, and watch the consequences as a third party.

Let alone the way Saddam was executed, the way he was looked after as a prisoner violated all International ethics where POWs are concerned.

Slobodan Milosevic a war criminal who killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Bosnia-Herzogovina and Kosova was tried in the International court of justice at the Hague, and died a natural death, as his case kept delaying. Ariel Sharon, who killed thousands in the refugee camps of Shabra and Shatilla as a general, and later killed Palestinians as PM of Israel, let alone being asked to step down as PM, anyone who spoke against him would have been facing the raised eyebrows of the US. Forget about the death toll in Iraq since US occupation, from january 2006 to june 2006 alone there are UN reports noting 200,000 deaths., now who is responsible. In the search for one man, thousands are dying in Afghanistan, same question. And where do we see justice here? or do people of different ethnicities and faiths have blood of different values?

As a prisoner Saddam faced a lot, even his articulate lawyers were klled. Now what if a court of similar stature was used to some one who the west was interested in. Immedietly there would have been cries of “kangaroo court”. Saddam ought to have been tried in an international court of justice (at least), but that was not to be, as the americans feared that the result may not have been in their interest. And, death penalty was imminent for Saddam even before court proceedings began, court proceedings were just an act of melodramatic formality. The American involvement is pretty obvious in Saddams case from the very beggining, from the transportation they gave and the inteligence they supplied. Now the US army refutes these claims, and points at teh Shia led government of Nouri al Maliki, and would wait and watch as Sectarian Violence rips Iraq apart, and further “legitimizes” the American Stay in Iraq.

Islam Prohibits War and killing in the three or four months leading to the Hajj. Hence the claim of the present iraqi government that he was killed a day before or a few hours before is uttter rubbish. Even Saddams Secular law states that no execution shall take place in this perscribed time. This defying of the Islamic Shariah, clearly was a challenge and Insult upon the whole global Muslim community.The “use and Discard” principles of the US is evident when a few decades ago a US official is said to have told about saddam, “He is a son of a bitch, but he is “our” son of a bitch”.

To me the Secular Saddam, died as a muslim, further enhanced with his proclaiming of the Shahadah before his death, with the courage of conviction only a brave man could say. With everything lost, his country, his sons, his wealth and everything else and to be alone with a religious book (the Qur’an in this case) would give any sane man the opportunity to strengthen his inner faith and, and seek forgiveness for his sins.

Saddam Died with dignity, with no trace of fear and not a waver in his voice. What if he had died full of tears, begging for life and fearing death ? the gleeful tantrums of his killers would have no end. The way he died is a slap in the face to those who killed hm,when he died metaphorically challenging the masculinity of the perpretrators of his death, Imgine Nouri al Maliki, Hamid Karzai or George W.Bush in Saddams shoes at that point of time. I wont be surprised if they pee all the way.

Justice has to be implemented at grass root levels, for peace to be achieved., all men have blood that are similar in its constituents, existance at the cost of another is not the law of nature, rather something which Charles Darwin and Freidrich Engels came up with their masonic, materialstic philopsophy.

Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, outlined certain guidelines in life in his last Hajj, the Hajjatul Widah, soon after which he passed away. He left behind the following statement for all men to sit and think about,

“The aristocracy of yore has been trampled under my feet,the arab has no superiority over the non arab,and the non Arab has no superiority over the arab,also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over a white – except by piety and good action. All are children of Adam, and Adam was made of earth.”



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3 responses to “Saddam, Justice, the US and Islam

  1. Well written. Nice post!

  2. I think u really are navigating on balance, a well thought and well writen overview of all the dimensions of saddam.keep up the good work…..

  3. I am too late to comment here, but well balanced. I had very similar thoughts about this whole mess. Keep up the good work.

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