Trip to see the Veddahs!

Well,,really tight with time, exams round my noose these days.. but thought ill just blog about something, and here i am blogging something about Veddahs.
Veddahs…all of us know that this group of people are the primitive inhabitants of Sri Lanka, living Primarily in Dambana, Mahiyanganaya and the outskirts. All though their very original dravidian ways have to an extent been distorted, they still sharply contrast in behaviour to us urban people..due to various reasons like being somehow segregated from development and urbanisation.
The picture above is that of some veddah kids that i was fortunate to get to pose when i went to dambana a few weeks ago. I was struck by their very innocent and humble ways in which they treated us Kolomba Udaviya (people from Colombo), Their language (supposedly the original language used in “Ceylon“) is fast dying primarily due to some of these children going to school to learn “Singhalese”!!.

“The dire plight of Sri Lanka’s declining Veddah population, however, is not likely to pass without coming to international notice. The United Nations proclaimed 1993 as the Year for the World’s Indigenous Peoples. But many regional and world bodies have begun to draw public attention to the exploitation of the world’s indigenous peoples who are especially vulnerable to modern economic predators.”

All in all, even though i was initially sceptical about the visit to Dambana being of any use, i had to promptly be meek to my own conscience when i realised that the visit finally ended up being constructive to me in several ways.


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