reiteration on "war against muslims @ kadawatha ?"

I came across a post called War Against Muslims @ Kadawatha? by themissingsandwich , probably on the same day i came across an email about the incident. I am posting it below.

In Ramazan this year, some Muslims started a thakkiya (small mosque) on Kadawatha Road , Dehiwela and were conducting tharaweeh prayers. The mosque was operating on a very low key and causing no hindrance to anyone. However some Sinhalese villagers banded together, along with a few monks who then sent a delegation to this mosque demanding them to stop conducting prayers. The activities of the mosque were stopped overnight. Some Sinhalese villagers had already started intimidating Muslims in the area and dumping garbage right in front of the building in question.

Around February 23rd 2008, this building was reopened as “The All Ceylon Muslim Educational Conference” but some Sinhalese villagers banded under the leadership of some extremist monks, hung black flags in the vicinity and defaced the walls of the building with racist posters. A fresh pile of trash was also dumped just outside the parapet wall and some garbage thrown in over the wall as well.An adhoc meeting was arranged adjacent to the mosque and presided by monks, where it is alleged that many racial statements were issued.

Some Sinhalese villagers then kept overnight vigil by assembling at closeby Sinhalese houses and drinking through the night and singing and revelling. The police had posted two officers at the point to watch out for any mishaps, but a confrontation has been avoided largely due to the non-violent behaviour of the Muslims in the face of open aggression by some uneducated Sinhalese.
What the Sinhalese are doing is entirely illegal, unethical and unjustifiable even under their own standards. However there seems to be a general acceptance of violating the rights of minorities in the current political backdrop.

If we as Muslims (or as responsible citizens of Sri Lanka – be it Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, Muslim) and the relevant politicians/authorities do not take any action, this incident can be taken as another step in oppressing our fundemental right to practice our religion and further violation of our rights to do what we want (legal things) in our legally owned buildings.

The saddest part of this story is that the authorities are treating this incident as a nuisance rather than a violation of fundemental rights and their main aim is to “keep peace” rather than ensuring justice. The photo attached was shot on the morning of the 25th Feb 2008 and shows the defaced walls and the garbage dumped by some villagers.

Below are the translations of the posters seen in this photo….
1. Muslim extremists jeopardize the unity of the village!!!
2. Don’t slaughter cattle!! slaughter PIG!!
3. Can we open temples in Beruwela?
4. Is this the result of selling our property to Muslim extremism?
5. Hameedias! do you think that we are sleeping?
6. Wake up Sinhalese!! humiliate the extremists!!!
7. Don’t give our property to Muslim extremists!!!


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17 responses to “reiteration on "war against muslims @ kadawatha ?"

  1. 😦 The cycle continues…

  2. This is what we call Racism.. I think Sri Lankan has love way to travel to achieve peace and harmony. Bloody politicians have exploited the innocent minds of Sinhalese people!!! So sad 😦

  3. Did you know that in the Kadawatha/Kiribathgoda area only Sinhalese Buddhists are allowed to open shops or buinsesses? Bairaha opened a shop a long time ago but were quickly chased out. The same thing happened when a Sinhalese-Catholic tried to open a paint/hardware shop.I think the minorities need to tread very carefully these days, society has become very polarised and little things like this can quickly blow out of control.

  4. //little things like this //You call it little things huh? cool man!!!First of all we all learn to live in the diversity. It’s not accepting diversity but enjoying diversity. Thats how it works in USA, India, Singapore etc!!!

  5. It is extremely sad this this beautiful country with once beautiful people are polarised for no reason but to sink and bury this beloved country in the dustbin of history.Racism is rampant today in modern sri lanka. 50 years ago some fools opend a battle front with the Tamils and today some fools are opening a battle front with the Muslims. It is sad to note that a minority of sinhales radical are holding the majority of Sinhales at ransom. It is finally the silent majority of decent Sinhalese will have to pay the price. We can see today who are dying to LTTE bombs they are principally innocent Sinhalese and Muslims and at times tamils too who are no cause for the turmoil today.It is the responsibility of the majority Sinhales to stamp out radicalism in their community and the state and the governmet must treat this kind of act as not only a crime but a crime that can lead to insecurity to this belowed nation in time to come.It is sad to note that once venerated Buddhist monks are no more in this Buddhist country. They are aligned with every evil to the detriment of such a revered philosophy of Buddhism. Buddhism in Sri Lanka is tainted with Sinhalaism and therefore Non Buddhists have come to see Buddhism as a racial religion aligned with the Sinhalese. This is not so in other countries.Inclusive is not found among most of the my Sinhala brethren today. Right from the top. If we become inclusive and accept and respect and receprocate diversity we will most certainly build a Sri Lanka Mind Set with Sri Lankan Identity amongst all communities. Therefore we as a majority community must lead others in show of inclusive ness so that non Sinhales compatriot will be part of us as have been in the annals of history.All those who live in Sri Lanka today are Sri Lankans and there are no Colonial Dutch, Portugese or British or other aliens on our soil. We must adopt for the good of all a policy of “LIVE & LET OTHERS LIVE” instead of espousing false pretence of Ahimsa and make Hinsaa a life style to the detriment of all and sundry.

  6. //narki seeya//well said!! :)100% agree with you!!

  7. Sam

    Only religious people are able to make a fool out of themselves and make a tremendous damage to rest of the humans happened to live around them. It do not matter what the label of religion is, this is the biggest problem world is facing these days including we Sri Lankans. The same thing Buddhists do to Muslims in Sri Lanka, Muslims do to Buddhists or whoever in Pakistan and that sort of countries. And they justify each other’s horrible actions using each other’s stupidity. Irony in Sri Lanka is, when so call Buddhists do those of things they are been terribly bad Buddhists. And when Muslims do not attack them back, they are been terribly bad Muslims and risk themselves going to hell and burn in dry heat forever.

  8. thanks for everyone for thier insight, and thanks in particular to narkiseeya for shedding deeper sense on the prevailing atmosphere..@sam :”The same thing Buddhists do to Muslims in Sri Lanka, Muslims do to Buddhists or whoever in Pakistan and that sort of countries.”are you trying to justify the fact that just because pakistani muslims allegedly harm non muslims it legitimizes the fact that sri lankan buddhists can harm sri lankan muslims??in the sri lankan context,i honestly dont give a damn if pakistani muslims discriminate or harm others, or if an indian hindu or a vatican christian or a saudi muslim does somthing to another.. that may be an issue we have to ponder abt, but that is not the point!!the way you speak you sound as if sri lankan muslims (or anyone for that matter) approve and endorse the fact that pakistani muslims can cause harm to other communities!! and it even points towards a notion that just because some fools in another country does that we can do that to “their kind” here!!this is sri lanka that we are talking about!! a country which has a higher literacy rate than pakistan!! pls do not judge us (yourself included) by pakistani standards!sad as we may be abt what wrong is happening in other places, we must sort out issues in our backyard before seeing to the well being of others!

  9. Sam

    //are you trying to justify the fact that just because pakistani muslims allegedly harm non muslims it legitimizes the fact that sri lankan buddhists can harm sri lankan muslims??//If happened to read the next line immediately after, I have said : ” And they justify each other’s horrible actions using each other’s stupidity.” If that line is not clear, let me explain again – I believe all of those actions are horrible and all of those actions done by stupid people. Just like any other descent human, I do not have what so ever intention of justify horrible actions done by stupid people. Why I brought up other countries in to this Sri Lankan matter?Because, none of those religions did not started in our backyard in the first place. Are they? So there is nothing local about Religions. Above incident is just a tiny part of global movement. It does not specifically have to be the same religion brand. All the religion brands, try to gain more political power and eliminate the competition by any means. That is a common characteristic of any terrorist group, political or religious. While political terrorist groups spread fear among living people, religious groups spread fear among living and dead. This is the exactly the same thing happening in everywhere in the world.

  10. Seeing Sams comment I see a PASING THE BUCK ATTITUDE. This is not the problem of Religion or Irreligion. This is a problem of absence of JUSTICE & FAIRPLAY. No one in the Country feels superior about or inferior about the others and similarly every community has black sheeps. That is why in civilized countries there are ROBUST JUSTICE SYSTEMS. If the Justice system is effective and equal to all, such system shall see to that No one is ABOVE LAW.Very unfortunately the Law Enforcements and Justice has in several occations have failed to uphold justice and law and order.Evidently todays Sri Lanka has lost its Social Fabric once it possessed, therefore social fragmentation and polarization has destroyed the social convensions and conformism that was once there to the detriment of individuating the people. This has made them like loose cannon and thus firing mad in every direction not worried of the consequence that befalls the Motherland(I don’t mean Sam is). Today in this Once Buddhist country we had the convensions of Young Respecting the elders, Elders guiding the young,One respects the Other and the Other receprocates. UNFORTUNATELY We are going down towards PRE- PRE Historic lines armed with Diplomas, Degrees,Masters and PhD but not knowing to live as Honerable Decent Civilized Beings Once We Were.

  11. A friend of mine had this to say to this note which is also imported in my face book profile.I am sorry my Muslim friends have to see this!I don’t even want to read to the end of the note.. It is humiliating for me as a sinhalese.please try to realise, & i know you will easily. none of this is the cause of buddhism. it is the cause of illiterate villagers, & even more illiterate-degree holding monks who come from the stock of the unintelligent & intellectually starved & join monkhood becasue they can’t move their limbs to fend for themselves.buddhism, just like every religion/ philosophy is tolerating& is a case in point that the country today is lead by leadership with very little difference from these true extremists.i also know this, & have cause to believe in it more & more strongly with each passing day in this paradise gone wrong.lord buddha said that the comprehension of BUDDHISM is for a very few intelligent alone. I think this reallys hows up that statement don’t you?

  12. Sam

    narki seeya,If you think this is a common criminal act, done by common criminals, that has nothing to do with religion, it is most wonderful. If that is the case, no one have to bring up words like “Muslim” or “Buddhist” in this post. But as you can see, it is not the case. This is an act of two religious groups who wish each other will go to hell and fry in dry heat for eternity. I don’t see any good of any of them, except pure trouble they are creating for you and me while we are live, not to mention the trouble they are eagerly waiting to create after I die. If make you satisfy, if I say, Sinhalese Buddhists are guilty as charged for above crime, I have no problem saying that. Because there are. Not only that, I want to express my gratitude to Sri Lankan Muslims too, been the bigger one in here, and not executing the God given right to them in this kind of situation and been bad Muslims. I wish if this problem is this simple. If you think I’m passing the buck here, you are absolutely correct. I’m passing it to where it belong – to the religion. If you do not know, they are the one whom happened to be fighting with each other most viscously for last couple of thousand years and try their utter most ability to gain political power over you and me. Religions are above the law and order. Look at how religions change Justice System in Sri Lanka. While Muslims have their own section of Islamic laws, Buddhists also create most hideous laws. I can’t buy this common argument, once we were civilized and now we are turning in to some sort of uncivilized society. It is not the case. But if you think this cause because of disrespect among each other, I clearly agree. The root of this disrespect here, came from religions.

  13. Sam: with due respect to u i have to both agree and disagree for some of ur comments. Thanks for ur balance, however i am strongly of the opinion that it is not the religion that causes this. Firstly i stick to my point that JUSTICE should be meeted out to all and sundry.There are 4 major religions in Sri Lanka and none of them are espousing conflict between people. If u go to the source books of these religions the common message all these espouse Love, Kindness, Justice & Fairplay, Truthfulness & Sincerity etc etc.All religions advocates humanity and wants to save manking from barbarism. So where did we go wrong? The adherents of the religion believes that he is correct and others are wrong forgeting the fact that his particular religion is to guide him and guide others by his example of he being guided. If one surrenders to the guidance of the religion that be believes in and shun all evil from within and without he can save himself from barbarism.Similarly I consider all 4 great religions are like 4 high ways to righteousness and God. All 4 lane leads to the destinations but there are faster lanes for reaching the destinations of righteousness. So one who is travelling in one lane need not put road blocks to those in the other, then no one reaches the destination. but the intelligent will shift from a slow lane to a faster lane to reach the destination faster. Therefor it is individual responsibility to see which guides and make one a best human being. We must compete in righteousness and fairplay. This will end in wholesome righteousness anywhere and every where. We should try to out smart other by our righteousness. Misbehaviour of the many socalled religious should not distance us from Great teachers like the Buddha, Christ, Muhammed etc etc. On the other side can we discard Religion and will c what happend to mankind with no religion.In the 18th centuries in the after math of the french and insustrial revolution and consequent opposition to religion brought forth SECULAR THOUGHTS of Engels. Marks,Hobbs,Spinoza etc.These secular thoughts bifurcated into socialism and capitalism respectively.Socialism experimented in the socialist world (i need not eloborate) cultivated atheism,materialism,hedonism and destroyed the Family, Society and Community and individuated mankind and made man a mere chattel or machinery and collapse of the soviet union is evidence to this. On the other hand capitalism brought forth with liberalism liberate man from every conceivable Family, Societal and community control system and handed over the individual man on a plate to the Market economy to suck him to the core where TNC, MNC and Fortune 500 decides what we should eat and wear and what lifestyle and politics and religion that we practice. This is the other extreme of human suffering. Today an average westerner has got freedom more that what he wanted to, to the detriment of himself that extinct him very soon.At this junction I believe Religion practiced with knowledge and clear conscience (without ignorance and prejudice) is a saviour from human experimentation of humanity in secularism.Finally for u and me I believe that we can contribute a lot to the community by cultivating a balanced and descent life by emulating positive qualities of great teachers from their source books and fight all kind of evils whether within us or without. So that in a small way we contribute to positive change by changing ourselves first than pointing at others.

  14. Sam

    // If u go to the source books of these religions the common message all these espouse Love, Kindness, Justice & Fairplay,//Even though my mother advice me time to time, not to read graphically violent books, I did read them. But my mother is guilty in this too, since she brought those books homes. So I think I’m in a position to say, you are correct. They teach love and kindness. But the part you forget to mention is, “to the followers”. None followers, or nonbelievers , they treat totally deferent ways. Not only they were advice not to socially engage with none believers, they were given numerous earthly and heavenly reward points for eliminating nonbelievers. You know I can copy and paste most horrifying religious passages here. But I don’t want to do that for two reasons. 1) I don’t want children to read them and have nightmares tonight. 2) Most of the people, who call themselves religious, willingly ignore those teachings, and pick only what they think is correct, like love and kindness for instance. If they willingly ignore those passages, I should not bring them back and rub those on their noses.Once I happened to talk to a very energetic Buddhist monk in old temple in Anuradhapura area, where some new religions happened to work day and night signing up membership for a heavenly club that originate in New York area. The monk was quite outraged by this new competition with wheelbarrow load of money. And he told me, “I don’t have supernatural powers, but I can get hand grenades”. My jaw drops. Now, as far as I know Buddhism does not condemn nonbelievers or advocate using that sort of tools. It even goes as far as accepting other religions too. So I still could not figure out where he gets that sort of attitude from. Where ever it is, that is the root of all this evil come from.Now I know both the Lion club and Rotary club also work very well in that area without any sort of conflict in member registration. Therefore I have to assume it is the “religion” that makes everyone to be that hideous.Socialism and Nazism are religions too. They have all the common characteristics of all the religions – they demand absolute power over people – political and social, that they have the Truth and no one can question them, around the clock surveillance, thought crimes, complete surrender, blanket morality, convert none believers or destroy them, etc.. The only deferent thing with Socialism and Nazism is, once you die, they let you free.I don’t want to talk about capitalism here, because I don’t think it is necessary. What you explain above is not characteristic of capitalism. Fortune 500 companies could not decide what you eat and wear in a capitalist system.I don’t wish all the religions die tonight and go to hell. I agree people do need spiritual life and also they should have all the rights to be spiritual. It is healthy. But just because Piribaharan happened to the reincarnation of God Vishnu, I don’t think he should have rights to do whatever he wants. // cultivating a balanced and descent life by emulating positive qualities of great teachers from their source books// I agree with you 100%. We have to hammer on to those, until they get in to a proper shape and laminate negative teachings. Until we do that, those religions will behave the way they are behaving right now. The reason I replying to your posts again, not because I want to win any arguments or anything like that, because talking about this, is a part of the solution. Normally religious people are not open to such discussions. They declare anyone happened to not talk good about religion is controlled by an imaginary person and then they bring up some passages from their book to prove that they are indeed right. Not only that, they offer their help for avoid going to hell and burn by lava and lighting. Or some people simply suggest you to go home and engage in some sort of unholy activity with your mother.

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  16. A civil war is much harder to overcome than any other sort. When a country differs within it’s own premises, where is there room to grow in any other aspect?

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