Female hormones in Thames water!!!

Ok this may come as a shocker to some and as stale news to some others.

Over summer i am interning in a firm in London. I walked in to office this morning with a glass of water and bosa tells me dont drink tap water as it contains excessive female hormones, and in hundred years we will all be females! and to add insult to injury he mentions a senior colleague and says, why do you u think he drinks only bottled water!.. now we all know water from the taps in London comes from the thames!!

Surely he must be joking!! Anyway I decide to do a Google search..didnt want to to take such a statement lightly,even though it supposedly was intended to be a joke.

The search only confirmed his err..joke.

Apparently there are certain levels of Oestrogen in the waters of the Thames. And worse stil…

from the BBC..

These very low levels of oestrogens have been shown to be responsible for signs of sex changes in male fish in rivers to which sewage is discharged – they begin to show some female characteristics.

There is also concern that they may be having a detrimental effect on male fertility by being recycled back into the human food chain. They have even been linked to an increase in testicular cancer.

Now does that explain why masculine behaviour in places like ( u know where) is changing drastically,,,well if the BBC is indeed (not so usually) reporting the truth..who knows!



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2 responses to “Female hormones in Thames water!!!

  1. holy Sh*t… good one..keep away from that water mate.

  2. while the dawg’s away (sick), R’s at play – drinkin’ too much water n bloggin about tap water… some ‘internship’ heh?

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