Here’s one for all you Obama lovers!

This post is bound to be an anti climax, but felt i should blog abt this, will relieve the cynic in me at least temporarily.

So he promises change eh? does that include foreign policy?

Inspite of the global euphoria begotten by Obamas win, i fought back my own thoughts which were fighting to be almost influenced by Obamas orataorical skills,i for one was silent in this whole reality TV episode of the presidential elections in the US. Abraham Lincoln was favoured over his much more experienced opponent in the the then presidential elections because of his brilliant Oratorical skills, sounds familiar? but Lincoln more than justified the trust people placed on him. Will Obama?

Being the sceptic and cynic that i am, i am yet to craft my own opinion. Bottom line, the US president (more than many other countries in the world) is the personification of the country’s foreign policy and Obama is no exception.. many an intellectual is of the opinion that the US president is ultimately appointed by the Jewish Lobby, now that would make a very dramatic debate topic, with a lot of colourful fireworks.

Obama has appointed Rahm Emanuel as the White house chief of staff. I am not a proponent of like father like son but it tells you something doesnt it ? Rahm is the son of the Jerusalem-born Benjamin M. Emanuel, who was a pediatrician and former member of the Irgun,[29][28] a militant Zionist group active in the British Mandate of Palestine between 1931 and 1948. Rahm also supported Bush in the current war in Iraq.Now, i see quite a paradox in the whole thing, even though i feel helplessly inarticulate in putting it into context.

I found the following post which raised a lot of questions,

..Will president Obama reverse the longstanding US policy of blindly supporting Israel as it continues to deny the people of Palestine a just return of their lands and the right to a dignified existence in their own territory? Israel routinely receives upwards of 2 billion dollars in military aid alone from the US each year (together with about another one billion in non-military aid, Israel receives one sixth of the US foreign aid budget each year), and at the U.N. Security Council the US routinely exercises its veto power in favour of Israel anytime the rest of the world tries to even voice their concern about the injustice. This unprincipled support has been the chief recruiting sergeant in the Middle East for Al Qaida-style organizations, which are undermining stability and peace in the world..

see the full article( here), i personally think it is a very good read.

Obama promises a lot, change can only be in the future.


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