Barack Obama the Architect !!??

This is not another percieved “blowing my own trumpet” post 😛 , something i do a lot of google searches is on Architecture, and these days a rather cliched google search is Barack Obama. So dont blame me that i get this odd snippet of wierd information when i had no intention of discovering it in the first place.

Being a politician is a profession, but somehow i see it in a totally different league of a profession than say, a Lawyer, an Engineer or a Medical Doctor, the difference being that you can end up being a politician irrespective of the professional circle you belong to.It is extremely rare to find an established politician take up in his latter life the study of Law,Engineering or Politics, but an established Lawyer,Engineer or Doctor is at generous liberty circumstantially to take to politics whenever he wants.

Amongst the educated circles of Politicians, i have to stress this as there are total dumb asses donning the politicians cloak today, anyway amongst the educated circles of politicians some of them if not most are established in the legal profession, so to keep it short most lawyers take up politics.

What about Architects? well this is rather hard to swallow. but something which i have noticed is that inspite of the negligible amount of Architects who take up politics, the few who take it up have somehow been extremely succesful politicians and well respected statesman.

The moment someone says Thomas Jefferson, someone else would say third president of the US before you have the time to say OBAMA! but what is little known is that he was an extremely successful Architect before he took to politics. See some of his Architecture works here.

Binyamin Netanyahu, the Hawkish former Prime Minister of Israel was an Architect from the University of Jerusalem before he took to Politics, I have no respect for his political ideology whatsoever given his hardline attitude to the palestinian suffering, nevertheless that doesnt negate the fact that he is a charismatic smart leader.

Now Obama,now who would have thought! According to the Daily Telegraph he would have taken to Architecture if he didnt take to politics, wonder what kind of Architect he may have been.

Further more Obama intends to open a basket ball court in the white house grounds, and his favourite Artist is Pablo Picasso. Now the debate opens up, who can do more social good, Politicians or Architects ? After all politicians have in the past commissioned top Architects to make buildings that reflect their strength or intimidate their opponents, and will continue to do so. Just ask Adolf Hitler he’ll tell you.

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