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Climbing up the wall..

Found climbing up my room wall.


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Commissions function like a visit to the toilet!

I remember reading this in a writing by the fifth columnist of the Sunday times, a friend of mine and i share this joke and we both have read this as may many of you out there.

Commisions in you know where, be it a presidents commission, a Bribery commission or any other commission, function like a visit to a toilet.

First- there is a sitting,

then – there is a waiting,

then – there is a little bit of deliberation.

and finally – they drop the matter!

Now you know why most of these commissions are futile cosmetic measure done to satisfy the parties involved!


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The Veddah Chief..

Dont remember his name, but he is the present chief veddah, son of the legendary “thisa Hami”,Dambana….he seems to be looking at you no matter what angle you look at him from.

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Still wondering who the real terrorists are ?

We live in a funny world, what is ok for me to do is not ok for you is a dictum of childhood playmates. How innocent lives and the blood spilt can be a price for percieved redemption in a world euphoric about human rights is the mother of all paradoxes.

Whilst a majority of the world are over consuming and frolicking in celebration of what is yet another end to a cycle of 365 days, over 200 innocent civilians were slaughtered in an exhibition of mass brutality in Gaza.

How does the world feel about Obama pledging to “forge an unshakeable bond” with the “miracle” of Terrorist Israel?

How do we feel about the EU rewarding Israel for its terrorist acts with enhanced benefits under the EU-Israel Association Agreement?

The Best Gordon Brown could do was to urge “restraint”, as opposed to urging Isreal to end the siege.

If i remember right, President Rajapakse is the founder chairman of the Sri Lankan Committee for Solidarity with Palestine for the last thirt years, has the Sri Lankan government condemned the attacks in Gaza? i still have not heard, i dont know if they have.

According to the U.S.’s own definition of terrorism Israel is squarely in the frame. Under Section 3 of Executive Order 13224 “Blocking Property and prohibiting Transactions with Persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support Terrorism”, the term “terrorism” means an activity that…

(i) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life, property, or infrastructure; and

(ii) appears to be intended

• to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

• to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or

• to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination,
kidnapping, or hostage-taking.

The order and its definition of terrorism, signed 23 September 2001 by George W Bush, is used to outlaw and crush any organization, individual or country the U.S. doesn’t like. The Israeli regime’s “amoral thugs”, as a British MP branded them, have plainly been terrorizing the Palestinians for the last 60 years.

The only peaceful means of achieving a lasting peace is for Western leaders to pull the plug on Israel until the regime conforms to international law and the will of the United Nations (without whose misguided generosity there would never have been a state of Israel), pulls back behind the 1967 border and strictly observes the principles of universal human rights.

If they don’t shoulder their responsibility, they risk a mighty moral backlash from ordinary people, who are beginning to learn the awful truth.

Al Jazeera has more.



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Coyish smile of a little boy living in the tea estates of Hatton,Sri Lanka.


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Among the roses..

This little boy jumped into the frame from nowhere when i was photographing these little girls, Thoppur,Trincomalee.

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little shy girl..


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Genius at 9..

Well at 9 i was making little clay models and running around with phlegm coming down my nose, dirt all over my body and fighting with the boy who always cheated when we used to play together.

This Girl at 9 has become the youngest Microsoft certified proffessional, an interesting and inspiring video.

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Little school girls..

Litte school girls in Kinniya Trincomalee, i think the second girl from left has sharp features.


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2008 – My Crises..

I have been tagged by the Whackster, and i agree with most of his sentiments and his reasons for pessimism are very genuine. I have attempted to put into words the pessimistic rhetoric which i hope will be more inspiring once it has been read in full.2008 has been like the years gone by, hopefull 2009 will be better.

THE WAR(S) : The wars around the world,with particular reference to the war at home are merely a symptom of a disease, and treating the symptom doesnt cure the disease. Whats to say that the war will end when every single LTTE cadre and the supremo himself are killed/eradicated? if the disease stil remains then the symptom will emerge in some other part of the body and may be deadlier than the last symptom, i dont see the need to expand on my metaphorical rhetoric, i think its pretty self explanatory.

Let me put it another way, one of my friend who is notorious for his constipation once got a severe headache and we all attributed it to his high coffee intake and the resulting constipation, no ammount of paracetamol or application of balm seemed to help,albeit it temporarily gave relief! obviously! but the best and the lasting remedy would be to take fibre rich food and get the err crap out of the system! i see these wars as paracetamol or balm, after a period of relief the headache will come again.

There used to be a sinhala dubbed movie which used to be telecast in Rupavahini, the story is about a man imprisoned because he stole a piece of bread, surely imprisoning all people who steal bread out of hunger will not help, even if barbarically tortured a man driven by hunger will steal to satisfy his hunger! so the lasting solution would be to eradicate poverty to mitigate (percieved) anti social behaviour.

Like the Whackster puts it, the people of palestine are having immense suffering and are such a downtrodden people.The conflict in Palestine will go on until due people are given due right! and the US must resolve not to blindly support ISreal and not blindly veto every motion against Isreal.

Until i learn not only t accept,but to also tolerate my brother from another race religion,friction in relationships will be there by default and thereby lead to conflict.

I feel i have made my point.

CORRUPTION and CRONYISM : another phenomena akin to third world countries, this is another driver of conflict. Say the war is over, with that the commissions offered with the purchase of weapons by weapons companies will stop right? if a person is driven by his lustful greed to this commission money and he somehow wants to get commissions as he used to get them what does he do? start another war at a diferent front? god knows!

Tamils were gradually kicked out of the beauracracy in post independence Sri Lanka,irrespective of the fact that the people they were replaced by had merit to deserve their position.

In a smaller scale, when a genuinely deserving person loses his place to a ministers crony (for personal or racial reasons), it is only human for the disadvantaged to develop hate and rancour which on a larger scale could expand to taking up arms at least in a few generations.

I have not stressed much on corruption, but hell! its there for all to see.

ILLITERACY: just like the rich poor divide, the educated middle class and elite are keeping on educating themselves and their kids, obviously its a great thing to have great intellectuals, but what of the poorest who have no education to the point of illiteracy?

I was once asked by some wierdo, why Sri Lankan Muslims have not taken up arms, when muslims in Pakistan,India,and Bangladesh have taken to some kind of militancy. Sri Lanka has the highest literacy rate in south asia, so naturally the muslims of Sri Lanka would have the highest literacy rate amongst the muslims in South Asia, simpl eh? just like i believe the muslims in the US are the most capable,intellectually sound and powerful muslims in the world. Obviously there are a lot of other reasons as to why muslims in SL have not taken up arms, but literacy certainly is an important aspect, recruiting SL muslim youth to vision of success via militancy is not easy, they see a more intellectual soultion to their issues than their south asian counterparts.

GLOBAL WARMING : Is a great issue indeed! i didnt understand this until i came to the UK and it is hard to envisage how imminent this catastrophe is when you live in SL. In here every single new action,invention or even statutes have refence to the implications of the climatic variations. So everything now is about energy saving and sustainability.


I have not mentioned many issues,but i feel if the issues mentioned are resolved many things will fall in place, be it education,politics,the economy or peace and security.

Hopefully we will learn to be more resolute and unbiased in our policies next year.

Happy New year!



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