Ministry of Indigenous medicine to grow its own Weed!

Well heres a story!! the governemnt is to grow its own weed!

Now where will all these culminate at! Apparently the ministry of Indigenous medicine is to grow its own Marijuana, and that too 4000 kg a year on a 20 acre farm!

Bob Marley must be hating himself for being jamaican! why oh why couldnt he have been born here when we are starting (at least planning)to legally grow it! albeit the fact that at the moment they are getting some stocks from the courts of law, because there are people who grow this cannabis illegally and they have been raided by the police!

Talk about starting a new venture with an even newer type of capital!



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4 responses to “Ministry of Indigenous medicine to grow its own Weed!

  1. my grandma was a ayurvedic doc who was totally agaisnt the law, since marijuana was needed for certain medicines they make 🙂

  2. Heh. First they tax you to destroy the existing Ganja crops, then they tax you to grow more Ganja.Sounds like Sri Lanka.

  3. @DeeCee: yeah, one of my ganja taking friends justifies his passion for ganja by saying its good to take it as it destroys cancerous cells! god knows! :)@deane : sounds very much like sri lanka..irrestpeective of the pros and cons of the whole idea,what worries me is what would happen when this venture too is embraced by the mismanagement,corruption and cronyism that we have become famous for..we may have drug barons explicity protected by people up there!

  4. yes no maybe… they dont know what they are doing

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