Shoes thrown at Bush have been traced to Pakistan!

The pair of shoes thrown at Mr.Bush has been traced to Pakistan, reporters claim.

The journalist had visted pakistan 20 years ago where he held secret talks with the Cobblers liberation Islamic Party (CLIP) a notorious organisation known for its lethal shoe throwing tactics. He is said to have been trained by this organisation to conduct shoe based warfare. He is said to have had alliances with Richard Reid who was arrested attempting to bomb a plane with explosive substances found in his shoe.

The DNA sample of leather has revealed that the animal whose skin was
used for manufacturing the shoe had traces of grass which is grown in north
of Pakistan and this skin was collected by a Jihadi organization on

A country wide operation against all cobblers is now deeply in swing in pakistan.



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5 responses to “Shoes thrown at Bush have been traced to Pakistan!

  1. hahaha.. thats very good evidence.. ghey got a solid case with this one!!

  2. Don’t care… America does not have a cricket team that would’ve stopped their tour of pakistan.So… don’t care.

  3. psst…design my house? 🙂 pls? :)deeceeincolombo@gmail ..can’t find your email :Dcheers!

  4. TheU: yes,solid case indeed.I hear the have broken the journalists limbs, so they have more DNA evidence..not to say they had to break limbs to get evidence.myP : cheers!Geez: yeah! DeeCee : we’ve spoken 🙂

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