Fit to kill Pittu!

I copied this from the facebook profile picture of a friend of mine, i fail to understand the connection between Pittu and death!

Amusing how these morons just write the sinhala word without even an iota of consideration that they are making a fool of themselves! or should i say poolop themselves!


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5 responses to “Fit to kill Pittu!

  1. hehe hilarious…well you get this all the time, but then again i dnt blame them…its fun to ahve something like this once in a while…

  2. i think it’s hilarious! eve if you didn’t know what it meant – it’s still obvious that FIT and TO are TWO DIFFERENT WORDS, therefore making his logic for putting “PITTU” together as a word, beyond me! lol

  3. Funny poster! I got this one as a chain email. A question to you. May be good food for though for you, to think beyond the surface of it. You call the person who draw this poster a “moron” because he/she used wrong Sinhala letters (I should say, “spelling” or “Akshara Vinyasaya??” ) to re-produce the original English word in Sinhala language. But what do you say, if some one use wrong English spelling to write a Sinhala word in English? Like for instance “Satakaya Jathakaya” instead of the correct spelling as “Gathakaya Satakaya” ??You won’t call him a moron aren’t you? That’s because, his first language is English and he’s making a mistake of an unipmportant language call “Sinhala”.Just food for thought! The way we Sri Lankans think and response to the two sides of a same coin is so confusing to understand.

  4. @Mahinda :”Like for instance “Satakaya Jathakaya” instead of the correct spelling as “Gathakaya Satakaya” ??”well as you have said yourself, his first language isnt sinhala..anyway i dont want my post to be used as a tool to sling mud at i opt not to regards to the post, i am not referring to the wrong use of letters. I am referring to the fact that they said “pittu” instead of “pit tu”. its not a matter of not knowing the language, obviously knowing that it will read “pittu” (the food) will itself be funny for those who made the poster themselves,and i was making fun at the fact that they went ahead with the poster whilst knowing this.Since you seem to be wise enough to point out to me that spelling in English means Akshara Vinyasaya in Sinhala, i am sure you will agree with me that “poorwa swara lopa sandhiya” doesnt apply for the two words “pit to” to become “pittu”.Just food for thought Sir! πŸ™‚

  5. @blacklight existance : yes, thats exactly what i was referring to as well, joining the two words.@realskulzero : yes mate, we should have these once in a while πŸ™‚

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