Bush’s letter to Barry dear…

As is traditional,outgoing US president George W Bush left a note for his successor in the top drawer of his desk in the Oval Office.The white house obviously doesnt reveal the exact details of the letter to Barack Obama, but i am sure lot of you out there would like to think it went something like this…

Dear Barry,

First and foremosting, i would like to congratulatise you on getting the job. It will be great to have someone come in and bring a finished completion to all the work i did. I have to warn you,though, being president isnt all laughs. There are a lot of boring speeches to sit through.

But i think you will make a great commander-in-chife. You’ve got what I’ve got – charismaticism. And that goes a long way. I also dig the way you got all those famous people on your side – they didnt take much to me. But i like that Jon Bon Jovi who sang a few days before your augmentation – he’s a good guy.

My daddy once told me : ‘eat your vegetables, George Jnr.’ And he was right. Well,now it;s my turn to give some advisementary words. Don’t let people misunderestimate you the way they misunderestimated me – I hope you don’t misunderstanderate what I’m getting at there,Baz. I know I used a lot of big words in that sentence.

Being the president is a bit like grabbing a bull by it’s horns – you gotta go up to that bull and grab its horns. In a metaphosphorical sense,of course. If you grab a real bull by the horns you won’t be the president for too long. You should maybe write that down.

I’ve left you some pretzels on my desk and,before i forget,i’ve also left you a crisis in the Middle East and a bad economy – in London,Engerland, they’re calling that a ‘credit crunch’. Ain’t that cute? sounds like a breakfast cereal to me,Baz. Next time you’re in No 1,Downing street, tell Gordon Ramsay I said ‘hi’.

So i guess that’s all i got for ya,I know you’ll be a super leader. They made a movie about me after eight years were up,so if they do the same with you I guess you’ll know you’ve done a good job. Good luck,Baz!

Yours in the white house,

G doubleU B

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