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Another one on "supposed" freedom of speech..

I have almost screamed several times that freedom of speech is not absolute! i particularly emphasized on that here.

The dutch MP who created an extremely anti muslim film has been denied entry to the UK on grounds of inciting religious hatred. That apart i am impressed by British Foreign Secretary David Milibands example on distinguishing between freedom of speech and the extent to which speech is free..

Foreign Secretary David Miliband told the BBC‘s Hardtalk: “The home secretary made a decision on an individual case as she is required to do.”

He added that the film contained “extreme anti-Muslim hate and we have very clear laws in this country”.

Mr Miliband also said: “We have profound commitment to freedom of speech but there is no freedom to cry ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre and there is no freedom to stir up hate, religious and racial hatred, according to the laws of the land.”

so much for those who think they can bellow CHINTANAYAAA!!! in a loud hoarse voice in public if a VVIP’s garment was comes off!


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Why a ship is called a She..

“it takes a lot of paint to keep her good looking; its not the initial expense that breaks you, its the upkeep “

The other day i had a site visit to Lindisfarne,Holy Island. This is just off the Northumberland coast. After walking a good couple of miles in the muddy terrain in surprisingly warm winter sunshine i had worked up a very good appetite and the thought of fish and chips was very alluring. This was more so since my mates kept going on abt it. Lindisfarne is a very remote Island and the first few places that we found that suggested that there may be food inside were a few old pubs which boasted of an exciting history.

The pub which we happened to go in was a proper sailors pub,not surprising since the pub was located very close to the beach.

After a filling lunch of fish and chips and a cold Red Bull to match my mates pints, i had a walk around the pub, and then i came across this poster framed and hung on the wall. I used to always wonder why a ship is called a She, now i know why 🙂

I am no male chauvinist btw 🙂


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Little scholars..

in a school in Trincomalee

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