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Watering the skies

The sky’s reflection seen in the water (parakrama samudraya)..parakrama samudraya is a tank built by king parakramabahu in the 11th century AD. Polonnaruwa,Sri Lanka


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Rain water harvesting in Sri Lanka..

Apparently Legislation has been passed to mandatorily have rain water harvesting units in new developments including houses. According to the Daily Mirror the annual rain water fall in Sri Lanka is 100 Billion cubic meters, that is approximately a quarter billion cubic meters a day! This water if utilized for purposes other than drinking can be very useful in terms of cutting on energy and water costs.

This makes Sri Lanka the only country in the world to have a public policy on rain water harvesting! I whole heartedly applaud this move by the UDA, but i am consciously cynical as to what extent this will be implemented in future developments given the efficiency (or lack of it) of public institutions.

If implemented well this can have result in a major reduction of water,energy or even electricity costs.


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To speak the truth and die..

Lasantha Wickrematunge was killed for being a vociferous proponent of what he and many others thought was the truth, the world has seen a great many good souls who have been mysteriously killed for speaking the truth. Many have spoken about how Lasantha was great in what he did.

I have another person who i am a very ardent follower of. Robin Cook was the former British foreign secretary who rather unexplainably was “pushed off a cliff” off the scottish highlands. And this took place in the immediate aftermath of him making the following statement.

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity,the country behind this propaganda is the US”

“Secret societies” could be tolerant of people who making such claims, but it may have been a bit too much if the person who made such a claim was at that time the British foreign secretary and leader of the house.

One of my favourite resignation speeches is when Robin Cook made his resignation speech, it is very inspiring and has always inspired me to go back to it and listen to it, just like i go back to lasanthas editorial and re read. The above video is part 2 of his Robins resignation speech, part 1 can be seen here and the full text here.

The video is highly recommended.

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to brazenly invade ones privacy..

When privacy is invaded..On a jack fruit in my garden in Colombo.


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The Stairway to my bedroom..

I took this photograph ages ago, when i was still new to photography and flirting with an everyday point and shoot camera,(well i still use a point and shoot camera 😉 Simply love this space and the way the natural light inhabits it. This is the staircase that leads to my bedroom back at home in Colombo.

Just the other day i was reading Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space
and i was feeling a wee bit nostalgic about this “corner” of mine at home.


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for you flower lovers..

Another picture of a flower. I am not a fan of flowers at all, neither do i feel errrm ,, i loathe to say this, but neither do i feel “emotionally attached” to flowers 🙂 but i like taking photographs of flowers with the macro option on, and the intricate details of flowers which arent exposed to the naked eye never cease to amaze me.

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