The Stairway to my bedroom..

I took this photograph ages ago, when i was still new to photography and flirting with an everyday point and shoot camera,(well i still use a point and shoot camera 😉 Simply love this space and the way the natural light inhabits it. This is the staircase that leads to my bedroom back at home in Colombo.

Just the other day i was reading Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space
and i was feeling a wee bit nostalgic about this “corner” of mine at home.


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7 responses to “The Stairway to my bedroom..

  1. oh yeah i remember this one.. the staircase i mean..

  2. sigh..ze lines! somehow i’m not surprised! =Pwould a curve kill??? i mean really! 😉

  3. somehow i’m not surprised u miss this..not for the fact that its ur house.. but cos they’re lines!! i swear i’ve never seen u draw a curve! would it kill!? i mean really! =) now don’t get all drama queen on me call me a self centered curvist! (hahaha) =P

  4. Whack – Glad you remember :)Sach – Thank you :)That G : guess what, my latest design, has a curve! well a full circle! heh finally..ill show it to you after i submit, lat may though.

  5. might look nice but its pretty unsafe without the railings…guess you ddnt booze that much!

  6. Those right angled elements perform the functions of railings, the tread of a stair is abt 750mm below those elements, so there is no safety issue whatsoever!

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