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Of all things to happen in a kitchen!

Right so here i was this evening craving for a cup of tea. The tea i make can never match what my mom makes, try as i may, hence i have quite by default got used to the rather “unlike me” practice of drinking dark tea.

Anyway, this evening I just could not have another cup of dark tea and set out to make a rather ceremonious tea with milk, just the way we Sri Lankans like to have it. Opened the Kitchen larder only to find out that my can of Nido was empty and that I had to go out and buy one, i just couldnt be bothered to out to buy another can, Newcastle is still cold you see.

So I rather innocently opened my flatmate’s part of the kitchen store and stole a few spoons of milk from his can. I thought it had a rather fancy label, but being in the hurry that i was i just went on to prepare my cup of tea.

Finished my cup of tea over a few youtube videos and some biscuits, i felt the tea wasn’t like how milk tea usually tastes, and deduced that by not having drunk milk tea in a few months I would have forgotten how it used to taste. Having finished my tea I went down to wash my cup when on impulse i thought i’ll check the fancy label my friend’s milk powder can had, and of all things it happened to be a substitute for breast milk!

So i had rather pompously prepared myself a cup of pseudo-breastmilk tea! not bad for my growing expertise in the kitchen department! It intrigues me to think of why my flatmate uses that particular type of milk!

No side effects so far! a tad bit energized.



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Anyone good in English?

I just read the following –

‘The diverse religions are conceptualized as cultural-linguistic grammars or idioms for engaging in soteriologically oriented forms of religious life that ultimately refer to one radically transcendent reality.’

I am sure there is an easier way of putting that across! And i am usually accused of using big words! pah!

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My two cents on Bawa!

Ok I know i am coming in rather late, but I really couldnt help but say something about Bawa and join the drama!

Bawa is a hero to many, many others have learnt to loath the now cliched glow of admiration to Bawas work, albeit the fact that he was too old to achieve what he became famous for he still did become famous and thats what matters to most.

I have seen debates about Bawa taking place in circles where he may be held in esteem. I like bawa, i used to at least, but then this fanatical following he got made me spurt mixed reactions about him. Whatever said about this man i personally would credit him for taking Sri Lankan skills and local industry to the international stage and carving a name for Sri Lanka in an arena where Sri Lanka is not that well known. Bawa’s work was great in marketing what otherwise was little known about Sri Lanka.

But what most people who are masters in industry in their own way say about Sri Lanka is that as opposed to common expectation Sri Lanka does have quality Architecture and Geoffrey Bawa had a great role to play in carving out a niche for Sri Lankan architecture to incubate and project to greater heights.

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Murphy, the architect who designed the new British High Commission a few weeks ago.Murphy met some of us students during cocktails after his presentation. Murphy, in this building in bauddhaloka mawatha has quite successfully echoed sentiments which are very reminiscent of Bawa’s work and his design i think is unique in his own way.

Inspired by his Sri Lanka visit, Murphy developed a design which echoed Bawa’s architecture and incorporated a range of local materials. But it was also rooted in the experience of his own practice and his preoccupation with courtyards, with the interconnection of inside and outside space, with the creation of naturally tempered environments and with the articulation of richly coloured and textured surfaces on a framework of simplified modernist forms. His design was developed from a trio of basic premises: that the building should be built on a single level, that they should be disposed around a series of courtyards and that they should incorporate a section which encouraged natural stack-ventilation and introduced controlled amounts of natural top lighting.( link )

Murphy said during his lecture something that sounded like, “feel free to copy what you want, copying someone elses work and changing it to suit the conditions makes it original”. I guess he did just that, and a job well done with the high commission!


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Continuous corridor, Olympic stadium, Berlin.


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My little sister..

I took this at least five years ago with a 3.2 mega pixel point and shoot camera! Looking back i just cant fathom how i did this with a 3.2! My sister was about 7 when this was taken. I found some very old photographs and i am glad i stuck to photography over the years. When i started taking photos, like everyone else i too thought this was yet another one of my seasonal fads, glad it didnt turn out to be one 🙂

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Puttalam girls..

At a Saltern.Puttalam,Sri Lanka.


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This just has to be seen!!

This is a photo from the 2009 American Inauguration, In which you can see IN FOCUS the face of each individual in the crowd !!!

You can scan, double click and zoom to any section of the crowd. Point out to any face, double click your mouse, wait few second, bingo…the focus will automatically adjust.

The picture was taken with a robotic camera at 1,474 megapixel. (295 times the standard 5 megapixel camera)

Now now dont be naughty, big brother is watching!

See the picture here.


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