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Reflection, North side of Lindisfarne Castle.


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Dambala,taken in Dambulla.

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The Greatest threat to our existence!

No its not cow flatulence.

Urban design today means that many people drive a long way to school,cafe’s,work or a religious place. Having everything at a walking distance would mean that we burn more calories and less oil.

Have it the other way and we burn less calories and more oil, thereby adversely affecting the environment we live in.

So either we die fast, or we consume more to extend our life – which means we destroy the system faster, yeah – typical cul de sac!


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Lindisfarne Priory

Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island was one of the most important centres of early Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. It is still a place of pilgrimage today, the dramatic approach across the causeway adding to the fascination of the site.

St Aidan founded the monastery in AD 635, but St Cuthbert, prior of Lindisfarne, is the most celebrated of the priory’s holy men.

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On Qaddafi of Libya

Quite an interesting anectode that i read here.

When he visited China in the 1980s, so the story goes, Qaddafi plucked up courage to ask the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping about a possible federation between Libya and China. China’s supreme leader, who was then presiding over a country with over 900 million people, pondered for a while and asked Qaddafi how big his country was.

Told that Libya’s population at that time was only a paltry three million people, Deng put his arm around Qaddafi and said rather affectionately: “When you next visit Beijing, why don’t you bring them along with you.”

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Macro of a flower, Polonnaruwa.

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Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum, Berlin.


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Apparently planning how to steal the rest of the fish. Quite like this picture, with the reflection on the tiled floor at the verandah at home and teh sunlight streaming in.


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Father and Son

One of my all time favourites, father and son, by Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens.


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Tram in motion..

moving tram in Berlin.

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