The Greatest threat to our existence!

No its not cow flatulence.

Urban design today means that many people drive a long way to school,cafe’s,work or a religious place. Having everything at a walking distance would mean that we burn more calories and less oil.

Have it the other way and we burn less calories and more oil, thereby adversely affecting the environment we live in.

So either we die fast, or we consume more to extend our life – which means we destroy the system faster, yeah – typical cul de sac!


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2 responses to “The Greatest threat to our existence!

  1. that’s very cool! I wouldn’t mind walking to where I have to get to… I was teling that to Charr when he wanted to drive to MC, and boy! the 10 min walk took about 20 in the Bambalapitiya traffic! I guess it is time to think small and keep the sprawl for nature to take care of 🙂

  2. Yes, in the UK the walking culture is quite dominant, and that should be encouraged in COlombo too- like having large squares only for pedestrians and isolating vehicular traffic from pedestrian traffic to a certain extent.. But given that colombo is already very much “grown” its hard to reconfigure,, but still some changes can be made me thinks..

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