My new blog on Architecture

I am back to blogging after a momentary break due to final submissions.I have submitted all my work, but i still have to meet the external examiners from the RIBA, so despite not having anymore submissions and one more model i am relatively submission-less 🙂

I have always wanted to start a blog on architecture and express myself and my work using that blog. I have somehow been ramified from starting one, mostly due to issues with commiting to it. Despite the fact that the blog will be subject related, coursework deprives me of random rantings, let alone thoughtful reponsible blogging. So, this thought was fermenting in my mind for sometime, and in the thick of my final assignments and needing excuses to procrastinate i started my new architecture blog. Henceforth i intend to use that blog for all architecture related thoughts.

This post is more like a advert for that blog 🙂

I have named it Serendipity+Architecture, since in architecture there is a lot of serendipity and wonderful things happen when architecture and serendipity amalgamate, and Serendib is an old name for Sri Lanka and i thought it was all the more fitting.

The blog address starts with “archimetes”, i must confess i thought the name was a brain wave, “archi” stands for architecture and “metes” means to measure or the result of a mesurement, and it rhymes with archimedes 🙂 all the more suitable i must say.

My architecture blog can be seen here.

I have finished my last project and hope to upload visuals soon.


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