Trinco from a moving vehicle..

Taken from a moving vehicle.



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3 responses to “Trinco from a moving vehicle..

  1. Nice angle took from a car ! I like it !

  2. Super shot aufidius!!

    The steadiness your hand has ahd at the point of clicking the lense to capture the frame is remarkable…in my modest opinion as one who knows squat about photgraphy…

    let me respond to it from a point of a student of letters…it’s definitelty one of those pics that can inspire a verse or a prose…

    the colours, the forms, and the ‘sense’ it projects is impactful i would say…’peaceful isolation’, ‘solace in solitude’, ‘may i tell you a secret as i dream?’

    …these are some of the words that form in me as i contemplate on its visual persona…

    great work my friend.Insha Allah we will see a great many more inspiring work from you soon.

    -Dilshan Boange

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