Inside the head of a thirteen year old

My sister in this case – being the fourth in the clan following two boisterous boys and a relatively not so boisterous girl, my sister is quite a pickle. She seems to have picked up familiar family traits like sometimes being visible in the dark only when she smiles and exposes her white teeth which illuminate sharply in contrast to her dark skin. This is neither a compliment nor an insult – just bare reality – well slightly exaggerated perhaps.

Being the latest addition to the family she has enjoyed much more privileges than I had when I was her age, at thirteen I remember kneeling beside my dad marvelling at the speed in which emails were pouring in – and we had a computer which was way before the Pentium series had started (although it was advance compared to the not so many computers that were around at that time) – and my sister is strongly contemplating blogging! Yes I am getting old indeed!

Being the last she picks up things faster than we used to pick up info – not necessarily that she has a Intel centrino quad inside her head but probably the relaive abundance of information swirling around the others in the family- hence the ease of access to it.

There have been times when she gets her wires crossed. Like once when we had a discussion (more like a heated debate) amongst extended family circles about types of schools, i.e. private schools, government schools, semi – government schools and International schools, and none of us would have even noticed my then 2-3+ year old sister’s presence in the crowd. Later in the evening (must have been a very hot one) , she came walking around almost to be scolded by someone saying “why are you walking around with your private parts exposed”, to which she replied with all ignorant childhood panditha innocence “no no these aren’t private! These are semi government”!

I doubt if The Whackster will remember this, but I remember him calling me once at a time when I happened to be asleep when we were doing our A Levels, my sister then 7 years old had answered and said I was asleep – on being asked by whack when I will wake up, apparently her response then was “how do I know men! Heh.

Anyway, what prompted this post was a poem of hers which I accidently came across on her facebook profile (at her age I think I was reading the mirror magazine those days to see if I can make a pen pal!!). I am reproducing her poem below in full, without her permission of course! (yeah like I am going to ask her to use her poem).


Anger piles up and engulfs your brain,
Makes you blind to see beyond your pain,
You see no good while your tears creep in,
You fail to see the good thats within.

But as you calm down and your brain clears,
You finally see beyond the film of tears,
The cause of your anger was not really that bad,
What then seemed enormous is now just a tad.

So when you are angry you seem like a fizzy can of drinks,
Thats waiting to sprout out its patience at the brink,
But as time goes by and your anger calms,
And the realities you see are many healing balms.

Perhaps could do with a tweak or two, but interesting to note what runs in the head of a thirteen year old.


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  1. hmm, about the color thing. the contrast of black and white teeth. ahem , yes, you are been insulting. I have a brother so I know. No matter, what you say you are been insulting about that. Just admit it and move on.

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