Hey there Khalilah!

No Khalilah is not deleting her blog – but this one cracked me up! and I thought it to be worth posting.

I have been away from blogging for sometime now, rather preoccupied with work and relatively busy weekends travelling or visiting friends. But I plan to make a swift comeback against the odds and get back to active blogging. With the presidential elections looming at good ole home there will be loads of thoughts to be translated into words.

In the meantime, enjoy the video!



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8 responses to “Hey there Khalilah!

  1. lol.. hit me up when and if you come down mate

  2. Haha..hilarious!! 'It's how you cook the meat!' 😛

  3. Delilah – yes,it was also quite a weird combination of pun,wit and political incorrectness.Halik – Will do indeed mate, was to come down this month, but then my bro is visiting me, and he wont get holidays for the next few months. Planning my next visit in march.Shaahima – what cracked me up was 'the mustard's not the deadly gas' heh

  4. Why don't you write a post about how Muslims persecute religious minorities in countries where they are in the majority? A while back you wrote about the situation in Kadawatha Road — don't you have anything to say about the attacks on churches and temples in Malaysia, the intolerance of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? The attacks on churches in Algeria? The persecution of tribal Buddhists in Bangladesh? I guess it doesn't matter to you. You only cry when Muslims are targeted?

  5. Thanks Jacqui.Anon -I do not usually respond to anon comments, but since others who commented before you may expect a comment I choose to respond.Religious intolerance is prevalent anywhere in the world – Be it Buddhist intolerance of others, Christian Intolerance of others, Muslim intolerance of others, or any other religious group not tolerating another.If you see the world only as a place where Muslims persecute non Muslims or as a place where only Muslims are intolerant of others – I must confess it is a fair assessment that you have a very myopic and narrow world view. May be some of what you are saying is true, but I would be surprised if you can tell me of a place in the world where the tolerance of a majority towards the minority is absolute.If all you are saying is true, well I agree with you, but I am least bothered and I am not going to defend the actions of some Muslims in other countries.I have never condoned in this blog any violence by Muslims towards the others.I was born in Sri Lanka, will live in Sri Lanka after my studies and all I am concerned mostly is the wellbeing of Sri Lankans, whatever ethnicity they may belong to.If I see some persecution taking place somewhere in Sri Lanka I will feel free to expose it! Whoever the perpetrators may be.If you find an instance where Muslims in Sri Lanka have persecuted anyone else – pls let me know mate and I will blog about it in full detail!I do not condone what muslims do in other countries, nor can I do anything about it – and I have nothing to do with their violent attitude towards others either.But I doubt you will, since your philosophy has no credibility, you yourself seem not to be convinced of what you say, hence the anonymous comments.Btw, blogging under a pseudonym is completely different from making anonymous comments.If you have the balls to stand up for your idea, please be kind enough to email me at aufidius@hotmail.co.uk if you genuinely have a concern, and if I feel that responding to you will help make Sri Lanka (or you or me) a better place directly or indirectly I promise I will respond.I rest my case, if you respond to this post again I will not bother to comment. I have a strong feeling that you are NOT a Buddhist, nevertheless the following may interest you -http://sdhammika.blogspot.com/2009/12/vandals-in-sandals-and-robes.htmlKind Regards

  6. You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you do not try...................................................

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