Sunset over the Lake

Sunset over a lake, close to the shores where I camped last summer. Lake District, Keswick.



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5 responses to “Sunset over the Lake

  1. blackexists


  2. I saw this on flickr and thought beautiful. The rest are too 🙂

  3. thanks guys, appreciate it.

  4. Great shot. The composition and light work really well together.

  5. Landscape and emotions…your two foci really come to life in this photograph aufidius…

    it calls for a moment of meditation almost…

    and as if it will whisper some poetry in your ear gently as a soft wind that comes carrying the coolness of the lake after caressing its soft water ripples…

    reminds me of the poem i wrote titled:- “Gazing the elusive-A (muted) tone on Twilight”

    Beautiful photo aufidius…your eye through the lense awakens a whispery voice in the beholder.

    -Dilshan Boange

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