Flamboyant Sri Lankan Girls

I can’t recall if I have posted this picture before. This is a picture I took of some village girls in a saltern in Puttalam, Sri Lanka.

Possibly because of the vivid colours and natural expressions this is a personal favourite of mine, and only reminds me of how much I miss home, and how I long to take more photographs in Sri Lanka.


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7 responses to “Flamboyant Sri Lankan Girls

  1. Bardo Flanks

    Sri Lankans? Flamboyant? Girls?

  2. Chavie

    colourful, love the composition! 🙂

  3. N

    Awesome shot, been to teh area once and the ladies dress in really vivid colours don’t they?

  4. aufidius

    Bardo – Yes

    Chavie – Thanks Chavie.

    N – They do, its possibly the climate, culture and since there are a lot of refugees there, their behavioural patterns/attire is very much in transition. Cheers mate!

  5. like how natural the people are. I assume you were some what close by. The fact that they are not at all affected by your presence is great. And the sky is gorgeous :D. All in all, It’s super!


  6. I love this shot..

  7. aufidius

    Me-shak – Well they possibly were a bit shy, explains the reason why the one closest to me is not looking at me. Cheers!

    Thanks Aamina.

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