Four years of blogging and four years other-wise

I have been on flickr for much longer, but this blog is four years old this month. I have been blogging thus far, and genuinely this is not something that I ever anticipated to last. My life has been a story of phases, and my blogging hues give a fairly accurate reflection of how my life has twisted and turned, become almost empty only to be replenished on time and then been tested over the past four years.

I have been blogging on a whole plethora of issues, ranging from architecture, politics, life and humour (mostly dumb) and the ride has definitely been devoid of any semblance of monotony – at least for me. I have blogged on politics both as deep rooted Sri Lankan and as someone who aspires to be a devout Muslim. A few in their myopia may perceive that those two don’t make a good amalgam and will never go together, but I hope this blog would prove them wrong. I have never got any hate mail or spiteful comments, except perhaps when someone once thought I was a ‘Muslim nationalist’. Ideologically speaking, there is no such thing as a Muslim nationalist.

I think the first defining changes in my life began to take place when I was doing my A levels, nothing particularly prominent but I surely felt the change. This may have possibly been reinforced when I became a bit of an authority at student level in college.

The other I think was when I was one from the first group to be selected to Beyond Borders in 2005. I met some of my best friends at BB, the odd one or two who are still members of it. Even the most of the then crop are actively out of it, albeit like me very much a part of in some capacity. BB is possibly what turned me from a naive, blunt, too much information for my age, multi directional geek to a much more focused and consolidated activist. A good few of those who were at BB when I was part of it would attribute the same to beyond borders. Of course I had to take ‘extended leave’ when I came here to the UK for my studies.

I started Architecture and Beyond Borders within a few weeks apart from each other, and those two decisions in my life in the short term I think have been the two decisions (strategically not necessarily quantitatively) that crafted my life in the recent years the most. This was either directly or by paving ways for other avenues in life.

I took to blogging when I was at BB, some of those who used to blog then are not there anymore and some of them are still around. There have been many vicious and malicious antagonisms directed towards many bloggers whilst some others have found in another blogger a lifelong friend.

Twitter then came along, and I reckon it got rampant amongst Sri Lankan bloggers in early 2009, when I was deep in assignments when I was at uni in Newcastle. It condensed the blogosphere even more and helped consolidate a strong sense of fraternity amongst bloggers, by twitter I revealed my identity to a few in a way I never would have done without it.

I started photoblogging half way down the line, my photoblog may be known to a few of the new ones – but I guess the most of those who knew this blog (if many knew it) are the ones who used to be on Kottu.

Nothing in my life has ever been planned, I never planned for something or somewhere I must be in say two years from a given time. But two years from a given moment I have always been happy at where I was, and I do pray and hope it stays the same. Surely when I started my degree I planned to finish it in three years and not fail and then extend it, but you get the gist.

I met Pseudorandom and Scrumps in Cambridge yesterday, and I vaguely remember telling them how when I was doing my A levels in Colombo I would never ever have envisioned that I will be doing in London what I am doing now, career wise.

Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist is not a particular favourite of mine, but sometimes I can relate my life to the fickleness, the apprehension, the excitement, relief and eventual satisfaction in the convoluted ride that life takes you in.

The topics of conversation to, in and from Cambridge were a very pleasant salad of everything. This below is one of my highlights.

Place – inside the magnificent King’s College chapel.

Me: How old do you think this chapel is? About four hundred years?

Pseudorandom: I think it was started by King Henry the 6th.

Me: Oh, wasn’t he the promiscuous one! Amazing how someone so controversial did such a splendid monument!

Pseudorandom: Oh no that was King Henry the 8th, the chapel was started during King Henry the 6th and was completed during the reign of King Henry the 8th!

Scrumps : (in barely disguised excitement) Oh my god! They had a whole Henry in the middle!!

I will be arriving at the most critical juncture in my life thus far quite soon, academic or otherwise. How it will turn out to be, good or bad is anyone’s guess, but one thing I can promise is that it will not be a monotonous ride!

Like everyone else here in the UK, I will go to work tommorrow after a long weekend.
Keep blogging and have a great week ahead!



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3 responses to “Four years of blogging and four years other-wise

  1. I like to think that I contributed to most of the lame and pointless conversations! 😛

  2. Everyone had a fair share of contributions towards lame and pointless conversations.

  3. Nice blog you got here… Just droppin' by to say hi!

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