British General Elections 2010 – my thoughts

Lately I have been excited by many elections. I was the most excited by the recently concluded Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka. The General elections in Sri Lanka didn’t even make me bother seeing the preferential vote’s results.

As a citizen of the Commonwealth and being over 18, I was allowed to vote in this general election.

I am quite excited by the general election in Britain today, polling closed a few hours ago and the counting has begun – unlike in the last two Sri Lankan elections when the results took abnormally long to be released, results in one constituency has already been released and Labour has taken one seat. Alarmingly the racist British National Party has got close to 2000 votes, well hopefully that will be only a small storm in a tea cup once the entire result has been released, but you never know.

I too am excited by the prospect of change, but I fear the Conservatives are far too right wing for my liking and that may possibly create a fertile ground to nurture parties like the BNP.

A few of the following can take place.

1.Conservatives may get a thin majority just sufficient to form a government.
2.There will be a hung parliament and – Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats may get an opportunity to play King Maker.
3.David Cameron is generally centrist, but the Conservatives are still the same right wing party and a lone Cameron can’t do much to make decisions on his own.

•There will be friction when it comes to policy formulation between LibDem and Conservatives if they form a government as LibDem are too liberal vis a vis the more rightist stance of the Conservatives. So it will be interesting to see if LibDem will actually form a coalition government with the Tories.
•If Labour comes third, LibDem will not want to form a coalition with the party that came third.
•If Tories come first, Labour second and LibDem come third there is a possibility that Labour will form a coalition government with LibDem. There won’t be much friction between LibDem and Labour when it comes to policy formulation albeit it will stifle free thinking and decision making.

4.In an extremely unlikely event, labour can shock us all and get a thin majority to form a government.

Either way, if there was a hung parliament and there is procrastinating indecision if I am right, the Queen lets the incumbent stay on till strategic decisions are made for parliamentary normalcy to follow.

If we are out of the recession, as it stands I don’t really mind anyone being in power. For me the pressing question is who can actually take us out of this recession.

Oh labour just won another seat! But they have lost -13.7% from the previous election in the constituencies that the results have been announced.

I am going to leave my computer on, tomorrow morning should be interesting! I can picture a few regular culprits in office chatting in the kitchen over coffee as if they should be elected PM!

Oh, and there are reports coming out that many voters weren’t allowed to cast their votes at polling booths! As a commonwealth citizen, I guess I can’t complain.



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2 responses to “British General Elections 2010 – my thoughts

  1. For how the way the Labour governed all these years, betraying the hopes of the UK and the European left, I wouldn't be surprised if they aligned with the Tories.They were extremely disappointing. John Pilger was very spot-on since the beginning: Blair was nothing but Thatcher disguised.

  2. Well yes, new labour is more lenient to the right than old labour – formation of nwe labour is what made the likes of George Galloway defect from the labour party.But I don't see how Tories and Libdem would fare, given that they have diametrically opposed views when it comes to immigration,the euro amongst a whole plethora of things!Lets see how it goes!

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