Birds in a post war zone.

The absence of birds is one of the most strikingly common characteristics of post-war landscapes. The quotation below provides a contemporary example of how their return may make it possible to signal the return of peace:

“…I strained my ears but all I could hear was the distant rumbling of heavy guns in the mountains. Then I realised what I was listening to. Across the road of the top of a charred stump of a tree in the ruins of the palace gardens, a bird was singing”

– Christina Lamb in her book, The Sewing circles of Herat.


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  1. Nice work. Very nice.I found your blog by clicking the “Next Blog” button on the blue Nav Bar found at the top of most Blogger/com/blogspot blogs. I frequently just “blog surf” to find out what others are doing in the blogosphere. I enjoyed the experience. Keep it going.

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