Gutter journalism, how much freedom is media freedom?

There have been so many rants about media freedom, or lack of it. And yet the media abuses its freedoms on a very monotonously regular basis. This video is just pathetic!

It is very disgusting to see that sincere parental (human) emotions are exploited to earn an easy buck. More often than not, it is not even for the money, but purely the stereotypical attitude people can have towards another person.

The media has an immense role to play in society to expose the everyday negativities that take place with the intention that doing so may pave way for a purer society. But, increasingly (if not already) the media is intrinsically a tool used to play the role diametrically opposite to what it should be playing.

Recently I was at a conference in London about islamophobia and national identity. Conceivably, issues of national security and media freedom did come up. There were a few MP’s present, some from constituencies which were largely Muslim, hence this was an ideal opportunity to exhibit how ‘Muslim friendly’ they were in order to win the Muslim vote, which thus far has been to an extent traditionally Labour.

A community marginalised by islamophobia (mostly due to the negligence or in an extreme case, connivance of state institutions) can create a fertile ground for individuals with convoluted thoughts that can pose a threat to national security, as it has been proven again and again and again. Therefore shouldn’t governments around the world treat islamophobia as a threat to national security, than isolating the phenomenon as purely an issue which affects only Muslim communities around the world?

Of course my question ‘got lost’ in its difficult and adventurous journey from my notepad to the desk of the moderator to the hand of an MP, but these questions do exist.

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  1. Great post, NoB. Thanks.

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