Londoners against Israel – Photographs

As you may already know, Israel yesterday attacked a ship consisting of innocent civilians which was carrying aid and much needed relief supplies to the Gaza strip. 19 people died according to most reports and much more injured.

As usual Israel is defending the indefensible, but this time the world is less reluctant to believe their tosh. In December last year during the Israeli onslaught in Gaza, several countries called back their ambassadors including Bolivia and Venezuela, this time I hear Turkey, Spain and even Sweden have called back their ambassadors.

It may be argued that the flotilla going to Gaza was rather naïve, and that Israel would not have let it pass anyway. I think it’s a win-win situation.
If they had reached Gaza and much aid was given to them it will ease a lot of the suffering of the people of Gaza, and Israel will have been humiliated.

Now that this has taken place, a senior al Jazeera political analyst was saying yesterday that Turkey was Israel’s closest Muslim ally. Israel depended on Turkey ever so much on a lot of issues, and this is the last straw with Israel since there has been a lot of friction between the two nations. And the only way Israel can mend fences with turkey will be to lift the siege in Gaza! Now that’s even better than the flotilla reaching Gaza noh? With the siege lifted, international aid, Red Cross, UN humanitarian forces can go to Gaza freely! As much as my thoughts are with the families of the people that died, I think this is a win-win situation.

The Turkish flotilla aimed to replicate the Exodus story or, more precisely, to define the global image of Israel in the same way the Zionists defined the image that they wanted to project. As with the Zionist portrayal of the situation in 1947, the Gaza situation is far more complicated than as portrayed by the Palestinians. The moral question is also far more ambiguous. But as in 1947, when the Zionist portrayal was not intended to be a scholarly analysis of the situation but a political weapon designed to define perceptions, the Turkish flotilla was not designed to carry out a moral inquest.

Instead, the flotilla was designed to achieve two ends. The first is to divide Israel and Western governments by shifting public opinion against Israel. The second is to create a political crisis inside Israel between those who feel that Israel’s increasing isolation over the Gaza issue is dangerous versus those who think any weakening of resolve is dangerous. (link)

Turkey I hear, is already planning to send more ships to Israel flanked by the Turkish navy.

There was an emergency protest march organised in London yesterday and within hours after waking up to the news the people had decided to convene outside Downing Street in Westminster and then proceed in a very peaceful and equal vocal march towards the Israeli embassy at south Kensington.

I have never been to a protest before and this was my first, and I am damn glad I went to experience firsthand the solidarity local people have with the suffering of the Palestinian people irrespective of what their governments do.
Deputy prime minister of Britain Nick Clegg said before the elections that there should be an arms embargo on Israeli, should be interesting how he reacts to this.

Some of the photographs I took at the protests yesterday.


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12 responses to “Londoners against Israel – Photographs

  1. Turkey had everything to lose in being the first to sever all ties with Israel; their military technology and hardware being furnished solely by Israel in exchange for prime training space for their forces as well as a tight relationship with NATO's second largest military.Here in the ME, citizens of all members of the Arab League are pointing fingers at their leaders, waiting for them to do the same.Love the photos. Especially the one of the hijabi snapper. 🙂

  2. Some fantastic photographs there Auf. Your choice of B+W particularly adds to the sense of "news" and drama.

  3. "innocent civilians"?! really?you mean ppl who beat idf ppl with knives and iron bars ? why such denial of visual evidence? antisemitism? racism in general?desire to sympathize with all kinds violent terrorists?we know you are sympathetic to tamil tiger racist murderers.

  4. Time to find another war, huh, now that ours is done and dusted.

  5. It's all ways about war. When one is over, another one is destined to begin. When will people stop thinking like this and start working on making this place a better one.On another tone, love the pictures, all of them.Cheers!

  6. Shaahima – Well, I disagree that Turkey is going to lose much by severing ties with Israel, Turkey is predicted to have the highest economic growth rate for this year and the next and are well positioned to take some risks. If indeed what you are saying is true, then it reflects how selfless and sincere the Turkish government is in sticking to an ideology and having to courage to stand by it in the wake of relentless pressure of all kinds. Thanks, glad you liked the pics.RD : Thanks for dropping by, much appreciate the encouragement.Sittingnut: Initially my gut instinct was to not dignify your comment and to not respond to it. But then I felt, you do deserve to be treated with sympathy.Hypothetically speaking, when you are at home and you have your wife and young kids, a heavily armed thug storms into your house and threatens to cause harm to yourself and those around you, it is only justifiable primitive human instinct for you to defend yourself with whatever sharp kitchen object that you come across, even if it means that you cause harm to your attacker.Why? Because you are innocent and he stormed into your house, tried to cause you, your wife and your kids life threatening injury. The IDF abseiled on a vessel on international waters, and by any international law what the IDF did was piracy. Period. And if you do keep your eyes open, news has surfaced that not even knives were used by the innocent civilians to defend themselves.If I am to be deemed culpable of being sympathetic to the LTTE because I am sympathetic to a legitimate Palestinian cause, interesting to see what you in your ‘patriotism’ will have to say about His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapakse.President Mahinda Rajapakse is the founder Chairman for more than 30 years of the Sri Lankan committee for Solidarity with the Palestinians.David Blacker: I am not trying to find another war, I do sincerely hope that no blood is shed under any circumstances, and be it that of Jews, Muslims, Christians or anyone else. But you will appreciate that Israel sheds blood and starts new conflicts.Meshak : This is much more complicated an issue than merely attitudinal change mate, there are a lot of things involved. Appreciate the comments and cheers for dropping by.

  7. obviously, you were not on the boat and you don't know what really happened there. but maybe the following video might change your mind about those "innocent civilians": you can see they were not at home with their wives and kids.. they were actually preparing for a fight using cudgels, slingshots, knives.. waiting to confront the IDF soldiers that were in a mission to stop those terrorists from getting to Gaza.Israel will always defend itself no matter what. Bear that in your mind.Peace

  8. Barak : I am an Architect, I use all sorts of design software to manipulate things (images and videos) and present things in an unrealistic form in university presentations. I can tell a doctored video when I see one.Why did Israel confiscate all the video and photographic evidence from the people on the ship if it was so confident of its integrity ?Amnesty International said the siege on Gaza is a possible crime against humanity.Israel will say all sorts of lies again and again and again and this flotilla issue is no exception.Israel said it never used white phosphorous when it killed tens of hundreds of people in december 2009, but it later surfaced that it was lying. No one is buying Israel's lies anymore.You have lost the plot, bottomline is this. Israel committed an act of piracy when it's commandos abseiled into the ship carrying humanitarian aid in the dead of the night. If they did not do that, they would not have found innocent civilians trying to defend themselves.FYI there was a Nobel Laureate in that ship."Israel will defend itself no matter what" yes, because it is in most people's eyes a terrorist state and it will kill, torture, plunder and commit the cheapest of human atrocities in order to consolidate its interests.Bear that in your mind.Peace

  9. great pics! and well, this could very well just be another tremor that will die away soon. Some concrete action on the issues of Gaza is badly needed

  10. great pics as always! 🙂

  11. Absolutely fabulous photographs. Thanks for sharing…

  12. White Orchid, Micheal – Thanks!

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