Going about invading privacy again!

Some of you may have seen this other post and the story behind it.

Well, I was cycling home from work this evening and just before I entered the park that I go through I I passed this woman walking alone a meandering pathway. Something about what she was wearing coincided with something in my head, disregarding the irritation of trying to decipher what was so congruent I cycled on.

And then when I passed these wheeler bins, my mind went ah! That’s what!

And then I waited for her for about three minutes to go past the bins and took this image. Like the other image, there is a striking resemblance between her attire and the backdrop she has been pictured against.

I am expecting repercussions any one of these days!


Filed under Art, england

2 responses to “Going about invading privacy again!

  1. Delilah

    nice one stalker 🙂

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