Curious little girls

These are some of my favourite photographs that I’ve taken of little girls. This was taken when I accompanied my father in one of his site visits to Puttalam. These girls may have been refugees or may have been not, but they surely must have something to do with the social dynamics associated with the refugee camps in Puttalam. As is evident from the thatched houses in the background, these girls hail from a poor economic standard and clearly it was reason for them to be curious when some people ‘from Colombo’ came to the vicinity of their humble home in an SUV, something not often seen in the rugged terrains of some parts of the refugee camps .

Their initial emotions were very much a blend of apprehension, curiosity or even a fear of some sort in seeing these foreigners, by foreigners I mean foreigners to their locality. Later on I managed to chat with them in Tamil, tried to make them comfortable speaking to me and distanced myself from any stereotype they may have had of me and then the floodgates opened! They were very extrovert once they knew I spoke their language and were indeed very playful. I like to think the image below reflects that, even though the sharp little one in red still seems to have some reservations about me.



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6 responses to “Curious little girls

  1. Super picture.

    Sorry for not commenting on your posts. Was crazy busy during the past few weeks.

    Looking forward for more.


  2. aufidius

    Me shak – No need to apologise at all mate! Hope things are less chaotic now! Cheers!

    Thanks Dee x.

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  4. magerata

    Faces tells the story! Great work as always. While checking the first photo, I thought, I want to see the third one, there she was in the second photo. THX

    • aufidius

      Cheers mate. The third one is actually concealed behind the yellow one in the first picture. Look harder you may see a third leg 😉

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