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New Camera,Flat and the trip to Bath!

I have been rather silent these few days. Well, truth be said there has been a lot happening – some I could do without, but I have seen people undergo so many calamities that make my odd discomfort seem non-existent. Just the other day I heard someone (not so well off Indian student must be) on the tube tell someone else how he travels a very long distance every week to work 55hrs a week on a wage of £2 per hour! Folks in Sri Lanka may think oooh that’s Rs. 360 per hour and close to Rs. 80,000 a month, not bad! Trust me, compared to how much you’ll spend living here – in my opinion working at that rate is virtual slavery! And he travels from Croydon to central London every day!

Again, some of you in Sri Lanka may not understand the gravity of what I am saying, since the contexts are totally different, those in Britain or those who have been here long enough would get it. Listening to him made me feel a painful amount of sympathy towards that guy and absolute relief that I am not in his place.

The minimum wage stipulated by labour laws in this country is £5.70 per hour, or something around that mark.

Anyway, to the crux of my post.

I bought a new camera! Absolutely chuffed – something I have always wanted and absolutely thrilled I bought it.

It’s a Canon EOS 1000D with an 18-55mm IS lens. It’s my first SLR and I am looking forward to the transition from point and shoot to DSLR photography!

My landlord called me a about ten days ago and said he wanted my flat due to a sudden family emergency – legally (ethically and morally even) , I am on a good footing to refuse – but I had to sympathise with his predicament so I offered to move out. Thankfully I got an absolutely gorgeous flat to which I hope to move in on the 1st November. I am at the moment living with a friend of my fathers, so things are packed and rather difficult since I don’t want to unpack too much lest I have to repack all over to move to my new flat, hence my inactivity in general and inactivity online in particular. Being in this state of limbo is very frustrating, staying unsettled and having to depend on someone else is very frustrating too. I say ‘depend’ because in true Sri Lankan fashion my father’s friend insists on doing everything and it’s a bit uncomfortable for me to stay as a guest for 14 days without doing anything back in return.

I have not even really got an opportunity to play with my new toy!

Thankfully, as I have said here, like we did here I am going on a trip to Bath this weekend with Amie, Kevin and Paul! I look forward to it and will hopefully take loads of photos with my new dslr and revel in the discoveries!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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The furry bee…

…found dead on my table.


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