St.Paul's Cathedral and The Millennium bridge at night

Today was such a useful and proactive day. I had a very interesting workshop all day which helped to train us to be facilitators for an event which myself and a few others are planning on having. The great RD was in attendance too, not only was he there but he also gave me a birthday present – Chinaman, by Shehan Karunathilaka. Very kind of RD indeed.

The sun set by about 4.13pm tonight and the wintry chill was very much in action, however I had decided last night that I would go around St. Paul’s cathedral and take some night images, the first time I am really getting to use my new camera.

So I went after the training session we had, got off at Bank tube station and took the Central line in the opposite direction to go to St.Paul’s, alighted at St.Paul’s and started clicking away. I walked along the Thames all the way from the Millennium bridge to Tower bridge – it was quite chilly and by the time I reached Tower hill tube station my hands were literally numb and insensitive from the cold.

Here are some of the photos I took of St.Paul’s Cathedral and The Millennium bridge.

St.Pauls Cathedral

St.Paul’s Cathedral and The Millennium Bridge

Hope you like the photographs!

Have a great week!



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6 responses to “St.Paul's Cathedral and The Millennium bridge at night

  1. Chavie

    Woooow! 😀 awesome pics man. Did you use a tripod for those long exposures?

    And Chinaman was awesome, I bet you’d love it! 😀

  2. magerata

    Awesome Auf. St. Paul’s is as I recall. You even managed to catch a bus! Again the first is Brilliant, the rest are cool too but I don’t care much for new bridges 🙂

  3. RD

    Some really nice pics Auf. I love the Millenium Bridge. I think it’s a great example of modern architecture compliment the old.

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