Muslim-friendly writers in the British media

To say Muslim-friendly is technically incorrect, as that suggests a hint of hypocrisy in that it speaks in favour of Muslims or Muslim issues by being unfair to the other side.

However, the current mainstream media dominated by the pro-Zionist Murdoch block has been so far away from neutrality and have succeeded in diminishing any sense of fairness towards either side of the divide. In almost every instance the writings are unfair in that the present the muslim case in a very condescending and negative manner or they are unfair in that they present the non-muslim case with extra emphasis.

In such a context, when I say Muslim-friendly I am referring to writers who in some of their writing take up the Muslim cause whilst not being unfair to anyone or anything concerned.

One such writer is Peter Oborne of the Daily Telegraph. This paragraph written by him taken from here is particularly resonant of his understanding.

“Muslims are fair game in British public culture. Polly Toynbee, of The Guardian, is regarded as Britain’s most politically correct columnist. “I am an Islamophobe and proud of it,” she once wrote. These sentiments were echoed by the rather less politically correct polemicist Rod Liddle: “Islamophobia: count me in.” Let’s imagine for one moment that Toynbee had written instead: “I am an anti-semite and proud of it.” She would at once have been barred from mainstream journalism because anti-semitism is rightly regarded as a noxious, evil creed. With Islam, by contrast, any insult is tolerated.”

Another writer and documentary film maker known for his balanced attitude is Robert Fisk of The Independent. He says here

“In other words, while we claim that Muslims must be good secularists when it comes to free speech–or cheap cartoons–we can worry about adherents to our own precious religion just as much. I also enjoyed the pompous claims of European statesmen that they cannot control free speech or newspapers. This is also nonsense. Had that cartoon of the Prophet shown instead a chief rabbi with a bomb-shaped hat, we would have had “anti-Semitism” screamed into our ears–and rightly so–just as we often hear the Israelis complain about anti-Semitic cartoons in Egyptian newspapers.

Furthermore, in some European nations–France is one, Germany and Austria are among the others–it is forbidden by law to deny acts of genocide. In France, for example, it is illegal to say that the Jewish Holocaust or the Armenian Holocaust did not happen. So it is, in fact, impermissable to make certain statements in European nations. I’m still uncertain whether these laws attain their objectives; however much you may prescribe Holocaust denial, anti-Semites will always try to find a way round. We can hardly exercise our political restraints to prevent Holocaust deniers and then start screaming about secularism when we find that Muslims object to our provocative and insulting image of the Prophet.”

In a world where Islamophobia is deeply ingrained to the point that it is unconsciously perceived to be normalcy, these are two writers that are brave enough to challenge the status quo.

If there is anyone else you know of, please do let us know.



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2 responses to “Muslim-friendly writers in the British media

  1. Ascribing virtue to the Muslim supporting writers is closely akin to ascribing virtue to the various propaganda rags that supported any of the other pernicious ideologies of earth’s history.

    What you and your sort call “Islamophobia” is what faithful and patriotic citizens of the Civilized World call simple but hard truth about a dangerous social disease and the vermin who spread it.

  2. Outsider

    Whichver side one may take or however much one may generalize. The fact is western media is predominantly western and has its slant towards it and similarly the eastern media. Though both have their own truth seekers.

    This clarifies that neither the western nor the eastern media is neutral and objective in reporting and commenting about the facts the way it is.

    Deplorably, those who present facts in the western media particularly in the case of Islam, Muslims and Arabs are somewhat demonised or ostracised by Murdock and Israel centric media lobbies. To them facts are irritants and anathema. This is simply evident in the way how Aljezeera covered Egypt and how SKY, FOX, BBC and others covered. The western media effectively kept the innocent western public from knowing the true facts until the tide overwhelmed and until after Obama started taking mileage of an un manageable situation favourable to US+EU interest. A true display of fake democracy and western hipocracy. They don’t call the spade a spade when it comes to their underlings!!!!!!

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