The Drummer

No, not our other drummer RD, although he does frequent this area and god knows if he stops to do the same when not very busy. Taken on the bridge that leads to the Royal Festival Hall, for some reason I can’t remember its name!

Have a great weekend!


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6 responses to “The Drummer

  1. Nice candid.

    I think the bridge is the Golden Jubilee Bridge… but I may be mistaken.

  2. Chavie

    Very nice. Love his outfit! 😀

  3. RD

    It’s the Millenium Bridge young Auf!

    You can’t beat a drummer!

    • Sean – It isn’t! Thanks for dropping by.

      RD – It’s not the Millennium Bridge still young RD, the millennium bridge is the one that leads to the Tate modern and radiates visually from St. Paul’s. This is called Haggerston Bridge, but I may be wrong. Will definitely check it during the next meeting. A drummer beaten! ha!

  4. RD

    Ah! Why didn’t you say? I thought that whole bridge was called the Millenium Bridge. Like you say, I could be wrong!

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