Architect, Blogger,Photographer and Activist. Politics Editor of The Platform, Researcher on Sustainability for INSEAD. Used to blog here since 2005, so update your blogrolls.

Photographs posted here are documentation of emotions,details,landscapes and architecture passionately collated from my travels and other fortuitous encounters.Most times, we look at objects for their utilitarian purpose, in this collation I regard them for their momentary visual appearance.

My pseudonym Aufidius comes from the favourite stage character I portrayed from Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.

Should you have any queries, like to republish any of my articles or want me to write for you on various topics with particular emphasis on Architecture, Politics or Islam, please contact me on raashidalt@gmail.com . I check that email infrequently, if you do drop me a line please let me know on my twitter or facebook.

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Raashid Riza

12 responses to “About

  1. RD

    Good luck with this in its wordpress home Aufidius. It’s been one of my favourite photoblogs for some time now.

  2. Minah

    You’ve moved! feel like i should be giving you a house warming present…instead i shall give you my two cents (it’s all i can afford right now)

    Happy New Blog! and yes, i did notice the fact that you are “very judgmental about curves and hate using them in design.” terrible.. hopefully the new blog will help you see the light. Have fun, good luck and May the curve be with you! =)

    • Ah the curve has been trying to be with me for sometime now, I have played elusive 😉

      Thanks Minah, thanks most of of all for introducing me to photography when I couldn’t photograph to save my life, all those years ago 🙂

  3. Whacko

    Happy new blog man! looking forward to seeing more of your pics. as for hating curves, i hope you only mean that when it comes to buildings 😀

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Much appreciated. I see you know my cuz Eshan. Hope Newcastle is treating you well.


  5. Rohan

    Raashid, I reached out to you a while ago regarding a possible photo commission. I’d like to meet up, if you’re still in London, to discuss a new venture I’ve founded that requires a photographic exploration of human emotion and feeling. Do get in touch if you’re interested!


  6. Karen Tan

    Hi Raashid,
    Do you accept advertorials? My client is looking for active Lifestyle/ Tech/ Automotive bloggers from Sri Lanka to join their regional campaign beside Malaysia where I am from.
    Rouge Communications is a Bloggers Engagement. Social Media Management. Creative Online Marketing.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Anas sadim

    Well done Raashid, Keep your good work. Never known you have all these collection on varieties of topics. These arevery usefull and intersting.

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