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I really need to scream! who cares if its the library!! over the past few weeks i have written in excess of 10,000 words! and it is now slowly but surely affecting my nervous system!

feel totally brain dead! frustration doesnt help! it only adds to the exasperation and calmlessness!! this is a frustrated rant!!

needed to vent this frustration somewhere!

bloody foggy outside and its -2 deg celsius!!! the thought eating my own cooked dinner doesnt waiting for me at home doesnt help in making me resilient to the chilly winds outside!

i feel i am in some utopian capsule when i am seated in the relative calm and comfort of the library and cant help but see the trees outside violently swaying one side to the other!

oh layers of insualtion in the walls! how i wish i had a few of you in my jacket!

senseless post! reflects the state of mind i am in while i write!


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