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At The Barber’s


I have not actively been taking photographs for more than a year now. For most people, most certainly for me, photography as a pastime works best when the mind is settled and has time to take time off. Mine hasn’t been over the past year or more, for various reasons, rigorous academic research I am sure has a lot to do with it.

Hopefully I will be back to taking photographs like I once used to, I refer here to the frequency with which I actively went out to take photographs, and not the quality.

Hopefully this image above, taken when I wondered off into a cheap barber shop on a whim just to look someone in the eye and take a photograph is a start.

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The Falconer



Falconer, Deserts of Dubai.

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The Desert Dweller

desert man


Kind man who offered to pose for a photograph after he guided me on a camel ride.

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10,000 views on Flickr!

So i have reached 10,000 views on Flickr, it was not something i necessarily looked forward to, but nevertheless i am glad i stuck to photography passionately and for this long.About four years since i started photography actively, well it added a bit of spice later on when Dinidu became a bitter rival and tried to out do me, and i think dinidu and i are very grateful to minah for starting this whole interest in photography.Well Dinidu has a better camera than mine,but then an Idiot like George Bush is the president of the most powerful country in the world 😛

When minah sent me the link to flickr and how to start a flickr account, i was least interested but being the pretender that i am i acted 🙂 well i was mostly disinterested because i then had a dialup connection at home and it would literally take half an hour to upload a picture, and i wasnt as good as i am in photography as i am now,not to say my photographs are good, but my later ones are better than my initial ones, so when i say “good” i say it relative to myself and not relative to the other photographers out there.

I have made a lot of good friends via Flickr, but the flickr friend i have been constantly in touch with and have grown to consider a close friend of mine is Chamina who was kind enough to buy me my first pro account a few years ago,i then was a virtual stranger to her. Chamina is getting married this January and sadly i am unable to go to her wedding because i am not going home this christmas.All the very best to her and her fiance!

Overall flickr is an extremely wonderful tool which is very encouraging and has served me as a learning tool, and it is a much more happy forum to be in than a blogosphere which can turn out to be vicious.

Happy Holidays!


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Sunset in Galle

Sunset,Boats and Sillhouettes


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