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Sunset over the Lake

Sunset over a lake, close to the shores where I camped last summer. Lake District, Keswick.


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Bee on a flower


by | May 3, 2009 · 10:17 pm

Watering the skies

The sky’s reflection seen in the water (parakrama samudraya)..parakrama samudraya is a tank built by king parakramabahu in the 11th century AD. Polonnaruwa,Sri Lanka


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Rain water harvesting in Sri Lanka..

Apparently Legislation has been passed to mandatorily have rain water harvesting units in new developments including houses. According to the Daily Mirror the annual rain water fall in Sri Lanka is 100 Billion cubic meters, that is approximately a quarter billion cubic meters a day! This water if utilized for purposes other than drinking can be very useful in terms of cutting on energy and water costs.

This makes Sri Lanka the only country in the world to have a public policy on rain water harvesting! I whole heartedly applaud this move by the UDA, but i am consciously cynical as to what extent this will be implemented in future developments given the efficiency (or lack of it) of public institutions.

If implemented well this can have result in a major reduction of water,energy or even electricity costs.


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