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Tom Watson vs Andrew Neil


I am actually very busy these days with quite a few things to get out of the way, but this twitter exchange between Andrew Neil of the BBC and Labour MP Tom Watson caught my eye.

It started with Andrew Neil tweeting the following :

This promptly got a response from Tom with the following –

And Andrew replied –

There is a validity in what Andrew says when he questions the effectiveness of the petition, I would have thought it may have been more prudent for Labour to influence the lodging of a government e-petition than promote the petition by Hacked Off. But perhaps the reply is in the following tweet –

Of course Tom Watson’s questioning of Andrew Neil is quite sound here despite the sarcasm, it can sometimes not feature in political discussions that Neil used to be editor of the Sunday Times and was appointed by Murdoch, a post he held for more than a decade.

Then –

And then –

And then former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott joined the party –

Image from here.

And John Prescott stayed in the party,

Both Tom and Andrew seem to have since deleted their tweets, well they aren’t appearing in my browser at least.

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