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Just another day in the Cemetery

The weather in London these past few days has been gorgeous.  It has been very hot and today reached 30 degrees Celsius! Exploiting the long daylight, (sunset today was at 8.59 pm, no really) I went to the local cemetery and just started clicking away.

I had the odd look from bystanders which clearly had the word weirdo written in their eyes when they were looking at me, but then in here, no one gives a tosh.

There were some flowers which had grown near good ole George Barnabas’s tombstone (d 1813), not sure if he felt me lurking around his grave trying to take photographs. I managed to get a few and an unexpected ladybird in one of the flowers too.

They looked alright in the camera, but then again it was way too sunny and glary for me to look clearly enough. Turns out the pictures aren’t as good as I hoped they would be.

Hope you like them!

Barnabas’s neighbours’ grave. (Neighbour in the cemetery i.e.)

The ladybird.

A closer look at the little fellow.


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On a night out with the dead

Last Friday was a rainy night in London. The Central line was not working so I had to take the Victoria line to a stop a bit further away from home and walk past an eerie cemetery. I thought that for some reason the usually dismal and happiness-sucking place was encapsulated in a positively nonchalant ambience accentuated by the way it was lit, mustering my courage to (brave the cold rain) I walked into the cemetery, sat on good ole James’ (d 1926) tombstone and took this photo of the church in the graveyard, the trees and the tombstones.


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