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Christchurch, Shoreditch

Christchurch in Commercial Street, Shoreditch. One of my favourite structures in London, not for it’s architectural grandeur – surely London boasts of structures more gargantuan in their architectural dexterity, but this somehow makes me feel like home. I used to work ten to fifteen minutes away from this close to Liverpool street and I used to see this almost everyday.

Close to this is Brick lane, one of east London’s many homes of art. Brick lane is also considered by some to be the best place in Europe to have hot Asian cuisine!

Right opposite this is old Spitalfields market where many items new and old can be bought from the various stalls!

For it’s positioning and for the many times my office mates and I have walked to Brick lane, bought some hot rice and curry and sat in the church yard eating and for many other reasons, this will be one of my favourite structures in London.



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On a night out with the dead

Last Friday was a rainy night in London. The Central line was not working so I had to take the Victoria line to a stop a bit further away from home and walk past an eerie cemetery. I thought that for some reason the usually dismal and happiness-sucking place was encapsulated in a positively nonchalant ambience accentuated by the way it was lit, mustering my courage to (brave the cold rain) I walked into the cemetery, sat on good ole James’ (d 1926) tombstone and took this photo of the church in the graveyard, the trees and the tombstones.


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