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When Louise Mensch wished me for Eid!

Today is Eid here in the UK. After the longest days of fasting I have ever fasted for 30 days, today I celebrate Eid.
It is a bit sad that I am not celebrating Eid with family, I used to go to a park in Colombo every Eid with my family and how I miss it. Today I will be celebrating Eid with no family but with a lot of great friends, and how thankful I am that I have them.
Anyway, last night I had even more reason to be much chuffed (spiritual reasons aside), one of my favourite Tory MP’s Louise Bagshawe now Mensch (not to mention one of the prettiest) sent me a personal tweet wish for Eid!  How class is that!
I am not a Tory fan, indeed the Tories are considered much less pro-Muslim than say the Labour Party. Irrespective of faith, minorities in the UK tend to be more Labour leaning than voting for a Tory.
Oh, if it appeals to any of you Metallica fans, her husband is a Metallica person.
Above is a video of Louise, have a look at it. I am sure you will like her personality too, for a woman of forty, she looks remarkably schoolgirlish.
This is her tweet – @aufidius the co-Chairman of our party is a Muslim! hope you have a wonderful Eid”

In hindsight, this post looks very unlike me and very juvenile, but heck – I don’t do this always.
Hope you have a wonderful Eid, please do remember me in your prayers.

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Father and child at Eid

Yesterday was Eid. Prayers started at 7.30 am. I walked to the nearby football club grounds where the prayers were being held.

Eid begins with a meal in the morning, just to signify that Ramadan is over and one isn’t fasting anymore. Then you have the Eid prayers and then the celebrations begin.

I was seated behind this father and son. The son was quite playful and his father was very obliging. I couldn’t get a proper photograph discretely without being noticed, and the blue bag was a bit of a nuisance, but moving it can not only expose me as a secret photographer but I will also be suspected of mischief.

After prayers and when everything was done I went up to the duo and asked for a photo to be taken, the boy was very shy. This is all I managed.

Hope you had a great Eid! Eid Mubarak!


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Hitler wanted a united Eid!

Hitler very badly wanted to celebrate his birthday! But there was confusion as to when Eid was in Muslim countries and he had a big problem in deciding what to do or whether his birthday will be celebrated in the right fashion in Muslim countries, check the Video Hilarious!

Over the past decade intensely (and even longer in a not so intense way) there has been controversy about the date that Eid should be celebrated on. Technically if the crescent was sighted and there are two independent witnesses then Eid can be celebrated, and if anyone was fasting on that day he should break his fast.

The Theologians back at home have this notoriety for procrastinating the announcement of Eid, and more often than not folks at home end up celebrating Eid a day after the correct day according to the Islamic Calender.

Some people who realise this celeberate the festival on the correct day according to the Islamic Calender and defy the verdict of the theologians, and some others wait for the verdict of the theologians before they celeberate. Perhaps the folks who celeberate Eid irrespective of the verdict may be celeberating on the correct date, but i for one celeberate with the Majority simply because there should not be two eids and it should not reflect disunity in the community. This is a very controversial and deep issue and i am underqualified to comment. Bottomline, i am not an “international pora” as those who celeberate early are identified as.

Check this Video! btw the video doesnt feed into my facebook, so if you are seeing this in my fb page you will have to view original post, the video is worth it.

Wish everyone a Peaceful and Joyous Eid. !


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