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Father and child at Eid

Yesterday was Eid. Prayers started at 7.30 am. I walked to the nearby football club grounds where the prayers were being held.

Eid begins with a meal in the morning, just to signify that Ramadan is over and one isn’t fasting anymore. Then you have the Eid prayers and then the celebrations begin.

I was seated behind this father and son. The son was quite playful and his father was very obliging. I couldn’t get a proper photograph discretely without being noticed, and the blue bag was a bit of a nuisance, but moving it can not only expose me as a secret photographer but I will also be suspected of mischief.

After prayers and when everything was done I went up to the duo and asked for a photo to be taken, the boy was very shy. This is all I managed.

Hope you had a great Eid! Eid Mubarak!


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Sculptural Face

At a friends house in Sri Lanka

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Face of death!

Sculpture of death!, originally uploaded by aufidius.

taken at an art exhibition in Newcastle. It had such an eery deathly feel to it, a friend of mine who touched it had no peace of mind until he washed his hands.

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