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10,000 views on Flickr!

So i have reached 10,000 views on Flickr, it was not something i necessarily looked forward to, but nevertheless i am glad i stuck to photography passionately and for this long.About four years since i started photography actively, well it added a bit of spice later on when Dinidu became a bitter rival and tried to out do me, and i think dinidu and i are very grateful to minah for starting this whole interest in photography.Well Dinidu has a better camera than mine,but then an Idiot like George Bush is the president of the most powerful country in the world 😛

When minah sent me the link to flickr and how to start a flickr account, i was least interested but being the pretender that i am i acted 🙂 well i was mostly disinterested because i then had a dialup connection at home and it would literally take half an hour to upload a picture, and i wasnt as good as i am in photography as i am now,not to say my photographs are good, but my later ones are better than my initial ones, so when i say “good” i say it relative to myself and not relative to the other photographers out there.

I have made a lot of good friends via Flickr, but the flickr friend i have been constantly in touch with and have grown to consider a close friend of mine is Chamina who was kind enough to buy me my first pro account a few years ago,i then was a virtual stranger to her. Chamina is getting married this January and sadly i am unable to go to her wedding because i am not going home this christmas.All the very best to her and her fiance!

Overall flickr is an extremely wonderful tool which is very encouraging and has served me as a learning tool, and it is a much more happy forum to be in than a blogosphere which can turn out to be vicious.

Happy Holidays!



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A shoe in hand is worth two in a bush!

This is quite amusing. There is now a flickr group where pictures of shoes have to be posted to commemorate shoes being thrown at George Bush. Its interesting how people find so many ways of articulating there emotions, and a flickr group of all things! and that too about shoes!

May be the journalists shoes can become a collectors item! imagine it being in a museum titled “a boot in hand is worth two in a bush”.

Who knows, Nike may design a shoe to match the style. I am sure there will be quite an amount of anti bush folks willing to buy them.


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