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Why a ship is called a She..

“it takes a lot of paint to keep her good looking; its not the initial expense that breaks you, its the upkeep “

The other day i had a site visit to Lindisfarne,Holy Island. This is just off the Northumberland coast. After walking a good couple of miles in the muddy terrain in surprisingly warm winter sunshine i had worked up a very good appetite and the thought of fish and chips was very alluring. This was more so since my mates kept going on abt it. Lindisfarne is a very remote Island and the first few places that we found that suggested that there may be food inside were a few old pubs which boasted of an exciting history.

The pub which we happened to go in was a proper sailors pub,not surprising since the pub was located very close to the beach.

After a filling lunch of fish and chips and a cold Red Bull to match my mates pints, i had a walk around the pub, and then i came across this poster framed and hung on the wall. I used to always wonder why a ship is called a She, now i know why 🙂

I am no male chauvinist btw 🙂


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