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When Louise Mensch wished me for Eid!

Today is Eid here in the UK. After the longest days of fasting I have ever fasted for 30 days, today I celebrate Eid.
It is a bit sad that I am not celebrating Eid with family, I used to go to a park in Colombo every Eid with my family and how I miss it. Today I will be celebrating Eid with no family but with a lot of great friends, and how thankful I am that I have them.
Anyway, last night I had even more reason to be much chuffed (spiritual reasons aside), one of my favourite Tory MP’s Louise Bagshawe now Mensch (not to mention one of the prettiest) sent me a personal tweet wish for Eid!  How class is that!
I am not a Tory fan, indeed the Tories are considered much less pro-Muslim than say the Labour Party. Irrespective of faith, minorities in the UK tend to be more Labour leaning than voting for a Tory.
Oh, if it appeals to any of you Metallica fans, her husband is a Metallica person.
Above is a video of Louise, have a look at it. I am sure you will like her personality too, for a woman of forty, she looks remarkably schoolgirlish.
This is her tweet – @aufidius the co-Chairman of our party is a Muslim! hope you have a wonderful Eid”

In hindsight, this post looks very unlike me and very juvenile, but heck – I don’t do this always.
Hope you have a wonderful Eid, please do remember me in your prayers.

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