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At The Barber’s


I have not actively been taking photographs for more than a year now. For most people, most certainly for me, photography as a pastime works best when the mind is settled and has time to take time off. Mine hasn’t been over the past year or more, for various reasons, rigorous academic research I am sure has a lot to do with it.

Hopefully I will be back to taking photographs like I once used to, I refer here to the frequency with which I actively went out to take photographs, and not the quality.

Hopefully this image above, taken when I wondered off into a cheap barber shop on a whim just to look someone in the eye and take a photograph is a start.

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The Falconer



Falconer, Deserts of Dubai.

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The Desert Dweller

desert man


Kind man who offered to pose for a photograph after he guided me on a camel ride.

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Portrait: William and the Noodles

My good friend William and I studied Architecture in university together. We both got jobs in London after our degrees. This was taken when Will and I met up for a meal at Wagamamas, what he is so passionately devouring is a mixed seafood soup that comes with noodles.


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Children – happy smiles do injustice to their predicament

Of all the extra-curricular activities I have done, be it during school or afterwards in uni, one of the most endearing and satisfying experience I had was working on a children related Architecture project I worked for in Trincomalee.

More about the project and more photographs can be seen here.

It’s amazing how photogenic children in their carefree ways can be, the most sincere emotions that children reflect from their smiles makes them such joyous subjects to capture. This is one of my favourite photographs I have captured of children. This was taken at a school in Muttur, Trincomalee, North-East of Sri Lanka.


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My cousin as a three or four year old. Quite the drama queen, just like her mother.


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My little sister..

I took this at least five years ago with a 3.2 mega pixel point and shoot camera! Looking back i just cant fathom how i did this with a 3.2! My sister was about 7 when this was taken. I found some very old photographs and i am glad i stuck to photography over the years. When i started taking photos, like everyone else i too thought this was yet another one of my seasonal fads, glad it didnt turn out to be one πŸ™‚

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The Veddah Chief..

Dont remember his name, but he is the present chief veddah, son of the legendary “thisa Hami”,Dambana….he seems to be looking at you no matter what angle you look at him from.

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