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A ship is called a she because –

I was going through some of my old posts in my other blog and I came across this! I still think it’s hilarious and was worth a post in this blog. Read full post here.


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Imitating objects in Architecture

This was one of the buildings by the river Cam that we passed when we were punting. According to the guide, we were told this was designed to look like an oncoming ship.

As a design I quite like it, it looks like the work of a really good architecture student who had great ideas and yet couldn’t really express it, somehow I say that as a compliment. I like how the windows gape towards the river and I like the overall massing of the structure. How much the designer has succeeded in making this look like an oncoming ship is anyone’s guess, I personally am not really convinced by that – but that’s just my opinion. As a design I really like this in a simple yet fulfilling sort of way.

Oh, this is the Herwood Library built in 1998 as part of the University of Cambridge.


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Why a ship is called a She..

“it takes a lot of paint to keep her good looking; its not the initial expense that breaks you, its the upkeep “

The other day i had a site visit to Lindisfarne,Holy Island. This is just off the Northumberland coast. After walking a good couple of miles in the muddy terrain in surprisingly warm winter sunshine i had worked up a very good appetite and the thought of fish and chips was very alluring. This was more so since my mates kept going on abt it. Lindisfarne is a very remote Island and the first few places that we found that suggested that there may be food inside were a few old pubs which boasted of an exciting history.

The pub which we happened to go in was a proper sailors pub,not surprising since the pub was located very close to the beach.

After a filling lunch of fish and chips and a cold Red Bull to match my mates pints, i had a walk around the pub, and then i came across this poster framed and hung on the wall. I used to always wonder why a ship is called a She, now i know why 🙂

I am no male chauvinist btw 🙂


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