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Moist green plant of tea, taken at Watawala. Good Morning all.


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Of all things to happen in a kitchen!

Right so here i was this evening craving for a cup of tea. The tea i make can never match what my mom makes, try as i may, hence i have quite by default got used to the rather “unlike me” practice of drinking dark tea.

Anyway, this evening I just could not have another cup of dark tea and set out to make a rather ceremonious tea with milk, just the way we Sri Lankans like to have it. Opened the Kitchen larder only to find out that my can of Nido was empty and that I had to go out and buy one, i just couldnt be bothered to out to buy another can, Newcastle is still cold you see.

So I rather innocently opened my flatmate’s part of the kitchen store and stole a few spoons of milk from his can. I thought it had a rather fancy label, but being in the hurry that i was i just went on to prepare my cup of tea.

Finished my cup of tea over a few youtube videos and some biscuits, i felt the tea wasn’t like how milk tea usually tastes, and deduced that by not having drunk milk tea in a few months I would have forgotten how it used to taste. Having finished my tea I went down to wash my cup when on impulse i thought i’ll check the fancy label my friend’s milk powder can had, and of all things it happened to be a substitute for breast milk!

So i had rather pompously prepared myself a cup of pseudo-breastmilk tea! not bad for my growing expertise in the kitchen department! It intrigues me to think of why my flatmate uses that particular type of milk!

No side effects so far! a tad bit energized.


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