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response to – So you think you’re all artsy fartsy eh??

Well this in response to my previous post where i had quizzed about the visual illusion in the picture. I know it is very hard to find, we didnt realise it until the Architect told us what it was.

Irrespective of whether you are indeed artsy fartsy or not, you’ll may have noticed how railway lines seem to visually converge at a point, this point is called the vanishing point.When we look at anything if we bother to look a little deeper everything vanishes at this point, This is most accurate and apparent when the lines are parrallel to each other, as in the railway lines.

Now coming to the picture, in the picture..The design of the building is such that the lines of columns are not placed on Parrallel lines, but rather in plan, they have been placed on two lines which are slightly imparrallel, i.e if they were to be extended they would converge (physically as well as visually), if they were parrallel they will seem to converge visually but physically two parrallel lines will never meet. Therefore The vanishing point (the perspective) is slightly exaggerated, and therefore it causes a visual illusion i.e THE END OF THE CORRIDOR IS MUCH CLOSER THAN IT LOOKS, THE PERSPECTIVE MAKES IT LOOK AS IF THE END IS VERY FURTHER AWAY.

I know some of you may not understand what i am saying, but these sort of things are best explained using diagrams, couldnt bother sketching and scanning.


Picture taken from here.


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So you think you’re all artsy fartsy eh??

This picture was taken at the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin when i visited it last winter.

The Architect Thomas Albrecht quizzed us asking if we found something unusual in what we saw about this part of the interior, awed by the fact that we were talking to the great architect himself (who spent ten years of his life in this project), we didt find anything odd whatsoever.

Actually there is a visual illusion in this image, and it was pointed out to us by Albrecht.

Anyone out there with astute eyes want to take a guess and see what is wrong in this image?


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